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Kylie Closed Out Couture Week In Her Underwear

Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner arrived at Jean Paul Gaultier and Simone Rocha’s spring/summer 2024 Haute Couture show in nothing but a flesh-toned corset with a diaphanous sheet of fabric spilling from its bust. She looked like a dressmaker’s mannequin bewitched with life – Gaultier’s atelier has, after all, crafted a series of dummies to Jenner’s exact bodily proportions – but she also looked as though she had just awoken from a night of erm, deep sleep, in a luxe hotel suite.

Consider the collapsed bouffant, the “I’ve just wrapped this chiffon bedspread around myself while collecting room service” attitude. Jenner’s lean into the bedroom bombshell archetype reached its logical conclusion on the final evening of Paris Couture Week. That is because she was photographed while heading out for dinner in a bra, knickers, and what looked like a hastily-fastened bathrobe. Even the hair had been spritzed and gelled and fingered through to evoke a just-showered look.

Image Sourced: Instagram/@kyliejenner

It tracks, then, that John Galliano should request Kylie’s presence at his Maison Margiela Artisanal presentation for the second time in 12 months. The couturier loves an hourglass, doll-like siren. A mad, bad and dangerous, organ-crunchingly beautiful coquette. He sent at least 40 of those through the underside of the Pont Alexandre III last night – conjuring a world of squalor and romance and chest-clutching histrionics – a wretched hinterland populated with fugitives, pickpockets and streetwalkers. The theatrics of it all enough to inspire Jenner to dial-up her own powers of seduction.

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