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Head Start: Our favourite Hats for the Summer!

The South African sun as we know it is quite harsh and as such wearing a hat is a must. Raffia and straw hats are our personal faves for this beach season. Raffia hats are extremely durable and resilient and are a great investment. It will last you a few seasons at least.

Looking good while getting the necessary protection is the way to go. A wide-brimmed hat will take you from the beach to lunch effortlessly with maximum coverage and dare I say some drama. Think rich socialite on the French Riviera. Or if you prefer something slightly less conspicuous choose a cute bucket hat. Whichever style you prefer including one in your wardrobe is a must!

Pn’P Clothing Boater Straw Hat R99
Babylonstoren R290
Mango R899
Poetry R379
Poetry R299
Poetry R499
Superbalist R179
The Edit R299
Zara R549

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