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Meet Khy: Kylie Jenner’s upcoming new clothing line

Kylie Jenner officially announced that she’s launching a clothing line by simply captioning a photo, “Meet Khy.” The reality star and beauty mogul posted an Instagram of herself wearing a leather trench, fresh from the new collection. The label’s just-launched site revealed a closer look at the design, a sleek black coat featuring a high collar, cinched waist, and oversized shoulders. “Coming soon,” the caption reads. “Sign up at” (As of now, users can sign up for “early access” to the collection on the website, though no official release date has been announced.)

It’s not surprising that Jenner is launching a clothing venture, considering that most of her sisters all have successful fashion businesses. Kim Kardashian has shape wear at Skims; Khloé Kardashian has denim at Good American. Puck’s Lauren Sherman reported in July that Jenner was working with Emma and Jens Grede, who also work with both Kim, Khloé and Kris on their businesses, on a fashion line. Sherman wrote that the idea was “not to be Shein—the controversial, wildly popular Chinese fast-fashion outfit—but to offer something better. (Responsibly sourced, less junky, nicer looking. The Gredes don’t do bargain-basement.)”

Image: Khy/Instagram

Jenner is no stranger to running a business: let us not forget Kylie Cosmetics, which launched in 2014 and propelled the TV star to billionaire status. It’s not even her first fashion brand. Back in 2012, Kylie and sister Kendall Jenner started their tween-friendly label Kendall and Kylie, though these days it has become a PacSun sub-brand.

Based on first impressions alone, it appears that Khy will have a polished, luxurious feel that’s reminiscent of the clothes at Balenciaga or Bottega Veneta. Still, it’s too early to tell quite what the collection will look like based on one coat (unless Jenner posts another fit pic in the days to come). If we had to guess, based on Jenner’s recent street style, we’d say Khy will be filled with form-fitting dresses—jersey and otherwise—minimalist blazers, and sheer prints. Guess we’ll find out soon.

This article was originally published on Vogue US.

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