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Modelling at the launch of Jackie Burger’s Salon 58

Contrary to popular opinion, women who work on glossy magazines work hard, long hours, eat lunch at our desks and frequently do our makeup in the car on the way to the office. We do not spend our days drinking bubbly at glamorous soirees, having our makeup done, and wearing designer clothes.

But a fortnight ago, I did all of that – and then some!

The occasion was the launch of Salon 58, a marvellous enterprise by a woman I hold both dear and in high esteem: the endlessly chic Jackie Burger. Style icon, lover of all things Coco Chanel, and the former editor of Elle, Jackie has established Salon 58 as a platform for fashion collaborations, consultations and conversations, good company, and all manner of fabulousness.

“I have been planning this day for three years,” she said. “As everyone knows, I am an admirer of Coco Chanel, not just for her fashion but because she was a woman who was not afraid to take risks. Salon 58 is the expression of one of my dreams, to create ‘some place of magic’, as she once said, where we can kick off our shoes and connect while enjoying one of life’s ultimate pleasures, that of good company.”


The venue is Stellenbosch’s gracious PJ Olivier Arts Centre, and it is here that you will be able to come for an immersive experience: one-on-one consultation with Jackie (believe me, this is a woman whose style advice you want!) as well as regular events, featuring fashion, food and more.

As for the launch… I am still savouring the memories…

Saturday morning dawned beautifully, and the sun poured in like honey on the gleaming floors and winding staircases of the historic building. And everywhere you looked there was beauty, beauty, beauty!

Imagine bubby in beautiful coupe glasses, exquisite food, and displays of hand-woven scarves by designer Nicholas Coutts, hats by Joburg milliners Simon and Mary and Sk8 Shades sunglass frames crafted from reclaimed parquet flooring and skateboards by Durban’s Dave de Witt. A room filled with vintage silk kimonos imported from Japan by Karen Ter Morshuizen. And another devoted to Kristen Lee Moolman’s massive photographs of fascinating women, all wearing jewellery specially designed by Pichulik. (FYI, Pichulik has been tapped by Italian Vogue as a creative force to be loved and noticed.)

Then came the fashion show, produced by another woman I adore – the redhead bombshell, Juanita Kotze. And who better to open it all than Lindiwe Suttle, putting her heart and soul into the classic La Vie en Rose.

So, you can imagine what an honour it was to be included in the model line-up, along with Anet Pienaar Vosloo, Jena Dover, Jess van Wyk, Doreen de

Waal, Jenna Bruwer, Lizma Van Zyl, Leonie Von Hase and Asanda Sizani – all accomplished in different ways, and all unique and varied in ages, stages and attitudes.

What did we wear? The designs of Elaine du Plessis, who launched her new label Drotsky at the event. Did I love my body-skimming, deliciously retro dress? You bet! So much so, that I will be wearing my very own version in a week’s time – to the GLAMOUR International Conference in Paris, and to another fashion show that chimes perfectly with the Salon 58 experience.

I’ll be sharing that with you in a week or so from now.

Between then and now, though, I am very much at my desk, chasing deadlines, eating lunch at the computer and being a largely makeup-free zone!


We were treated to a fashion show featuring women who have each built a brand based on their originality and style, including Anet Pienaar Vosloo, Jena Dover, Jess van Wyk, Doreen de Waal, Pnina Fenster, Jenna Bruwer and Asanda Sizani. Also on display was the Salon 58 x Pichulik series of striking portraits shot by Kristin-Lee Moolman. The portraits of Anet Pienaar Vosloo, Jenna Bruwer, Doreen De Waal, Juanita Daniel, Jackie Burger, Mellissa Muringani and Lindiwe Suttle are mesmerising. Each wearing once-off earrings created by jewellery designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik.

The mesmerising Lindiwe Suttle opened the morning’s event with a moving rendition of La Vie en Rose accompanied by Stanislav Angelov on the accordion. It was a beautiful thing to behold and brought a tear to my eye. I was entranced.

Jackie’s long-time favourite designer, which we are particularly excited about. We have always been huge fans of Elaine (otherwise known as Olive) and her work and are so happy to see she is creating clothing again.

Jackie, who is known as a champion of new design talent, will showcase carefully selected items such as these at the salon where she will also host one-on-one tête-à-têtes (personal style consultations). Also on the calendar are seven soirees per year, each with its own theme and collaborators.Style icon Jackie Burger’s much-anticipated new venture, Salon 58, opened its doors on the weekend. And what a show-stopping event it was, bringing together 150 fashion insiders and media at Stellenbosch’ historic PJ Olivier Arts Centre.

Jackie got the idea for Salon 58 from Coco Chanel. “I have been planning this day for three years,” she said. “As everyone knows, I am an admirer of Coco Chanel, not just for her fashion but because she was a woman who was not afraid to take risks. Salon 58 is the expression of one of my dreams, to create ‘some place of magic’, as she once said, where we can kick off our shoes and connect while enjoying one of life’s ultimate pleasures, that of good company.”


Click through the gallery below to see all the snaps from the Salon 58 opening.

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