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5 Days of Fashion: Azola Bam

Micro Influencer and 3rd Year Retail Business Management student, Azola Bam has a passion for fashion.

Scroll through to see her 3 tips for looking bougie on a budget, as well as her five fierce looks.

Tired of hurting your pocket all in the name of following trends? These stores will help get you looking good on a budget.

The Fix – The rebrand of the store has catered for the working lady and the budgeting student. Shopping at The Fix affords you the chance to look trendy at a reasonable price.

Zara – Four words: Quality clothes, Quality Sales!

Mr Price – The one place you are guaranteed to find any item you are looking for.  They cater to every demographic and provide a variety of items from clothing to sportswear. Did I mention how Mr Price never fails to keep up with current trends and styles? 

For more great style inspiration, check out the ‘Today I’m wearing…’ diaries of lifestyle blogger fashion blogger  Patricia Dolz and  Elsie Mutsaka.

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