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Need a wardrobe pick-me-up? Printed denim is the freshest trend in jeans right now

These bold patterns are mood-boosters, guaranteed

At GLAMOUR HQ we are *major* denim fans. We’re fully paid-up believers that a classic pair of blue jeans will go with everything in your wardrobe (and work for every occasion) and it’s just not summer until you’ve headed out in your favourite white jeans. When we fancy giving our jeans-and-a-nice-top formula a rest we’ll work a denim dress or jumpsuit. (We’ve got denim shoes and bags too...) And while jeans are the building block of our wardrobes even we admit it’s sometimes good to shake things up and try something new.

But we’re not leaving denim behind. As if. This season it’s easier than ever to try out a new way to wear your jeans, because printed denim is the retro-inspired trend that you can’t escape (nor would you want to.) It’s like your favourite jeans (or denim jacket, skirt or top) have been given a patterned make-over. All our favourite influencers are falling for the clever update to your usual denim silhouettes.

The beauty of experimenting with patterned denim is that you’ll *feel* like you’re wearing a regular outfit. The patterns appear on the most classic of jean cuts, jackets, shorts, simple dresses or tops but because they *look* different you’ve taken a baby step out of your comfort zone. Congrats! If you switched up the shape and shade of a garment, it would be too much of a jump, but printed denim is an easy pick-me-up that will fit right into your existing 'fits.

Printed denim wasn’t a trend that grew from the catwalk (although of course there are designer pieces) but it's an organic development, inspired by real retro pieces sourced from Y2K archives. The vibe is a hybrid of hippy-chic and skater-chick. Prints like checkerboards, psychedelic swirls or paisley are key - as are ditsy florals or cottage-garden style flowers, which look truly *lovely* with something gingham or a milkmaid-style top.

Is is hard to style such a bold print? When you pick a major piece, like these wild denim designs, you can go two routes with the rest of your ‘fit. You can style yourself simply with a simple tank top or white t-shirt. Or you can, you know, let rip. Echo the pattern on the denim in your top with a similarly lairy print. Layer the jeans under a floral dress for a cool clash or go top-to-toe in your favourite new design with a quirky co-ord. Whichever way you style it, we are *so* here for the printed denim trend.

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