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Sarah Jessica Parker filled her own closet with all of Carrie Bradshaw's clothes

Image: Getty, Photographer: James Devaney
Image: Getty, Photographer: James Devaney

Sarah Jessica Parker still has all of her 'Sex and the City' clothes and props.

The 56-year-old actress has reprised her role as writer Carrie Bradshaw in the upcoming HBO Max reboot, 'And Just Like That...', and she's revealed she has held onto "every single solitary thing" used or won by her character in the hit series and two spin-off movies.

Image: Getty, Photographer: James Devaney

The auction is in aid of Housing Works' annual Fashion for Action fundraiser, and the show's former costume designer Patricia Field has donated the sweet tulle-style skirt to benefit the non-profit working to support those living with HIV/AIDS and the homeless.

Bidding kicks off at Housing Works' Manhattan HQ in New York on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Patricia previously shared how Sarah Jessica "spoke the same language" as her when they worked on 'Sex and the City'.

She said: “I love belts. I use them a lot.

“The main thing about a belt is it defines the waist and can be worn over a coat, dress or pant."

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