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Yaya Mavundla launches clothing line to help transgender people in need

Reality TV star, multi-award-winning transgender activist, media personality, and now businesswoman and humanitarian, Yaya Mavundla, has launched her own clothing line, Queer Comfort.

Mavundla, who was recently named Fashion Muse of the Year at the Fashion Industry Awards South Africa, has launched a collection that she says, is fashion with a purpose. The collection is aimed to assist transgender people in South Africa who are in need of access to hormones and education.

The collection makes it debut in Amsterdam for Amsterdam Pride Pride, followed by the UK in London for UK Black Pride in August. It will then be made available in South Africa in October 2022 during South Africa Pride Month.

Queer Comfort will also be available in New York, Oslo, Paris, Belgium and many other countries where Mavundla will partner with LGBTIQ+ organizations to sell the collection. Fifty percent of the profits will support transgender people who are in need of hormones and education with the assistance of transgender organizations in South Africa which will make the list available.

Speaking about the collection, Mavundla said it was inspired by the fact that every time she attended PRIDE abroad, people were always fascinated by what she is wearing. “The last time I was at World Pride in New York, I ended up in a float that I was not initially part of because they liked what I wore."

"I recently went to Milano Pride and half the time I spent there, I was posing for pictures of people wanting to be photographed with me because they liked my outfit. This made me realize that since I come from a space where I know what it is like not to have access to hormones and support with education as a black transgender person, I realized I can use this collection to fix that. I just want people like me to be comfortable. This is my gift to myself and my peers," she concluded.

Those who wish to support can follow @queer_comfort on social media where Mavundla will share new images of the collection weekly.

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