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Zendaya Channels Sci-Fi Royalty At Fendi Couture

Star Wars but make it haute. OK Miss Zendaya, we see you! After debuting a bold new look at the Schiaparelli show earlier this week, which saw her wear a sculptural all-black ensemble complete with a fresh, experimental hairdo, it’s only natural that the Euphoria star wanted another haute couture moment. This time, the beloved Hollywood starlet made an ultra chic entrance at the Fendi presentation.

At Kim Jones’s Fendi haute couture show in Paris, Zendaya caused a stir in a breathtaking gown crafted by the Roman fashion house. Collaborating closely with her longtime stylist, Law Roach, she opted for a maroon-coloured rib-knit gown featuring an architectural halter-neck and super-long sleeves – that’s avant garde couture for you! Of course, she finished off her look with an eye-popping diamond necklace and ring.

Serving sci-fi queen realness.

While at first glance the Dune actor’s outfit exudes classic glamour, upon closer inspection its offbeat silhouette and accents, paired with her fresh angular chop, gives off more of an elegant sci-fi vibe. Some might even see it as a stylish homage to Queen Amidala, who was portrayed by Natalie Portman in Star Wars. Either way, we’re so here for Zendaya’s new look.

The original article can be found on Vogue UK.

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