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5 Reasons We Love Our Celebration Issue Cover Star, Tyla Seethal

Our Celebration Issue is still on shelves, featuring music sensation, Tyla Seethal. This means you have one more week to get your copy. In the interim, we share why we’re obsessed with our cover star.

Her authenticity

The star who hails from Johannesburg has a distinct accent, and South Africans are here for it! She remains true to herself with her feet firmly on the ground despite reaching star status. Flying the South African flag high as she continues to break boundaries both locally and abroad.

Her work ethic

Tyla is making waves in the music industry, and has solidified her presence on the global stage. Her success can be attributed not only to her talent but her work ethic too, as she brings her A-game to every performance. It was no different when she showed up for her cover shoot. She came alive as soon as she stepped in front of the camera, moving seamlessly between takes. “I feel like it just switches on when the camera’s there and I’m dressed for it. It’s the same as my stage persona, something switches on inside and I get into character.” (Page 39).

She’s not afraid to take risks

Tyla’s sound is eclectic and she shares that it’s a fusion of different genres which further sets her apart as a trailblazer. “I fuse everything together; Pop with Afro Beats, Amapiano, R&B. I don’t have a specific name for my genre.” (Page 40).

Her journey is relatable

Most women of colour can relate to Tyla’s hair journey, as most of us were searching for our identity in spaces that didn’t reflect it back to us. “I went to a predominantly white primary school so I always felt the need to straighten my hair. I felt it looked better but I left that behind me when I went to high school.” Elaborating on this, she says she went to a different school where she saw more people that looked like her. She also credits Aunt Jackie’s for playing a significant role in her hair journey. ( Page 39).

She’s a success story

At just 21 years old, she’s already made history as the first South African artist to gain 10 monthly listeners on Spotify. According to Chart Data, the single ranked number 10 in the UK singles chart, earning her first spot on the Billboard Hot 100 as the song debuted at number 67. Having reached such extraordinary heights early on in her career, what’s next for Tyla? “I just dropped an EP, it’s my first project ever so I’m excited.” (Page 40).

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