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5 tips for making it in the PR world

After a few years of heavy networking, drafting press releases, and big clients, it’s easy for egos to bloat in the PR world. To build a legit business with happy clients, it takes wit, ambition – and let’s face it, seriously thick skin. Case in point: Farah Fortune.

When it comes to the world of celebrity PR and events management, Farah is a force to be reckoned with. She runs a very successful company, African Star, and has worked with a long list of high profile personalities such as Bonang Matheba, AKA, Cassper Nyovest, David Tlale and even the President’s daughter Dudu Zuma. Here are top five tips on how to both survive and succeed in PR.

1 Understand that everybody is different

When working with people or personalities in particular, remember that you may not end up on the same page… especially when it comes to working with a team. “Understand that everybody’s needs are different and that your clients might not have the same ideas as you, so you’ve got to make sure you manage your their expectations.”

2 Schedule your entire life

It’s challenging, but it comes down to time management. “You’ve got to make sure you make time for yourself, your friends and your family. Sundays are usually my ‘off days’. I literally schedule every bit of my life, it’s the only way I can manage my time,” explains Farah.

3 Don’t complain

Yes, times can get tough but you need to focus on the positives and with hard work you’ll make it. “Just remember that complaining won’t change anything. When times get tough I remind myself that I chose my career. No one forced me into it, therefore I won’t complain about it,” says Farah.

4 Be a ‘pitbull’ in heels

You’ve got to be strong and grow a thick skin if you want to survive the trials and tribulations of PR. Dudu Zuma once nicknamed Farah a ‘pitbull in heels’ because of her work ethic and it’s a nickname that stuck. “It’s not something that I’ve really reinforced but I know my strength’s and I have a no nonsense attitude, hence the nickname”.

5 Be Grateful

There’s no such thing as a nine-to-five but there are other perks to the job. “You get to meet new people every day, be involved in exciting projects and travel, of course.” There’s no such thing as a ‘pause’ button in PR. “My philosophy is that you should be grateful, enjoy every minute and pick your battles wisely,” says Farah.

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