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Exclusive: Nadia Jaftha’s 5 major keys to becoming a blogger boss!

Ever wondered what it takes to become a bankable blogger boss? We figured! That’s why we reached out to South African superstar blogger boss, Nadia Jaftha to give you her tips on how to slay the web with your awesome content.

Jaftha has worked with multiple brands and recently collaborated with SA’s favourite online store Superbablist for a series of Youtube videos. Make sure to read to the end to see her latest video for the collabo.

Here are Nadia Jaftha’s major keys to blogger success…

1.Have a strong business acumen

Often we forget that it takes strong business and admin skills to create a successful brand.  This is why I work with a team to make sure that as I grow, my business grows too.

2.Stay true and authentic to your brand 

It’s okay to say no to a brand collaboration that doesn’t resonate with yours. Followers can pick up if you are doing a job that doesn’t synergize well with your brand.

3.Being able to network is one of the main tools to help grow the business side of your brand

The term, “your network will determine your net worth” has stuck with me. The more I put myself out there, the more opportunities I come across.

4.Content creation is Queen 

Staying relevant with consistent content is what keeps my audience engaged and this has been a great way of growing my numbers.  Consistency is key.

5.Start where you are, work with what you have and do what you can

We don’t have to have it all.  Start out small, do a little more every day.  Little steps create bigger waves further down the line.



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