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Reader’s Choice: Nadia Jaftha

With over 117 000 Instagram followers, around 12  000 YouTube subscribers, and the fashion and lifestyle blog, it’s hard to believe digital sensation Nadia Jaftha was ever shy. And yet, she says, she lacked confidence during her childhood years in Port Elizabeth.

“For a long time, one of the only ways to express myself was through my wardrobe –  bright colours and wearing my brother’s clothes during primary school, and a more feminine approach inspired by Beyoncé and Rihanna later.”

Nadia was studying media and film at the University of Cape Town when she began her blog in 2013, but when it didn’t pick up much of a following, she decided to work on it full-time after graduating in 2015. Readership grew, and she attracted interest from brands like Rooibos and adidas, at the same time as establishing a clothing brand, Strada Chic (

But the big turning point came when she included her mother, Nawal, in her work.

“I’d prank her and post the videos, and even though she doesn’t like me to say that she helped my popularity, she really did!” In fact, it wasn’t long before Nadia’s boyfriend, Dean Herbert, was also roped in.”

Now, with a recent Amarula anti-ivory poaching campaign under her belt, Nadia’s star is ever more on the rise. Her take-out for other women, especially those embarking on social media brands of their own: “Positivity and taking care of ourselves, because when we women look and feel our best, we’re capable of even more greatness.”

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