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From fashion to family, Momtrepreneur Kelsea Moscatel stays on top

Momtrepreneur has a whole new meaning these days, thanks to Kelsea Moscatel. Somehow there are still enough hours in the day for the mom of two young boys, Zayden and Enzo, who also runs several multi-million dollar successful companies alongside her husband, Cole.

While Kelsea preaches “balance” as her secret to success, it still leaves her followers in awe how the blonde beauty manages to be a hands-on parent, a doting wife, a powerful business woman, all the while jet-setting around the world in luxury and off-the-runway style.

Amid her busy day-to-day life, Kelsea took time to exclusively sit down with GLAMOUR South Africa, and peel back the curtain behind her legendary lifestyle.

How has it been going into 2023 as a family of four?

This year was so special as a mom to a new baby! We got to experience the holidays through the eyes of our almost 4 year old boy, Zayden, and our 6 month old baby Enzo. It was so sweet to watch our boys have their first holiday season together as brothers! While it was of course crazy trying to juggle everything with a newborn while still making sure everything was magical for our toddler, it was a year we will never forget! It took extra effort and strength this year but all the joy and special memories were worth every second of it.

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What are your tips and tricks for starting the year off on the right path to help you feel most balanced in parenthood, your marriage and your career?

My husband and I like to have a special date night before the beginning of the new year where it’s just us at home with take out. We get in comfortable clothes and all relaxed and we sit down and talk about the past year and what we want to do differently and the same in the coming year. We discuss our big aspirations for marriage, parenting, for all of our businesses and our career goals as a whole. We talk about our dreams and what to do to achieve them. We also like to sit down and talk about what trips we want to take in the coming year, which is one of our favorite things to plan together.

What are some fashion trends you're excited about exploring in 2023?

I am seeing that cargo pants are coming back in the new year and I am pretty excited about incorporating those into my favorite streetwear styles. I also am seeing the trend of sheer clothing and denim making a big splash in that fashion world, and I love both of those! I know I will have fun with my styling team too with all of these evolving trends, I can’t wait to make my own versions of what the industry is bringing back.

What do you foresee as being the luxury travel hotspots to watch in 2023?

We are seeing a few luxury travel destinations becoming hotspots in the coming year. Already we are seeing COMO Le Montrachet, Burgundy, France and skiing Chamonix, France. Pre-pandemic, Japan was definitely becoming an “it” spot for luxury travelers, and we see that coming back this year. Additionally, we will continue to see the coasts and countrysides of Italy be a huge hotspot for luxury travel. We see Greece making a comeback as well.

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What are your favorite wellness and beauty routines that make you feel refreshed?

Over the past couple of months I have fallen in love with lymphatic drainage massages! There’s nothing that makes me feel more refreshed, especially after a long travel day. I also love sticking to my morning skincare routines, I have been doing them first thing when I wake up to make sure the products have time to settle in if it is a day I am planning on wearing makeup or have a glam team coming that day.

What is your advice for moms who are struggling to find balance in their day-to-day life?

My best advice is to relax and not stress about it. The balance will come. It takes so much time to finally fall into the balance and routine of things. Give yourself a break, find the joy in the learning moments of motherhood and have faith in yourself that a balance will come in time.

How do you and your husband Cole prioritize your relationship while having two young kids and running your companies?

Cole and I are very good about prioritizing our relationship, even with all of our businesses and our two young boys. We knew even before we had kids that we would want (and need) to prioritize our relationship and marriage due to our crazy work and business schedules. We also work together on a lot of our businesses, which really causes us to make an effort to separate our work and romance. Because of this, it makes our relationship time even more special!

What is your favorite part about being a momtrepreneur, and what are some of the biggest challenges?

My favorite part is not being stuck to one thing. I am always learning and loving new businesses and always coming up with new ideas, so it keeps things interesting and at a fast pace, which I love and need in a career. The biggest challenges are of course making sure I am always there as a loving mother to my boys. I am definitely in a great place and balance with it now, but as I mentioned before, balance takes time. I am thankful for this position and the learning it took to get here.

What are your biggest goals for Snob World in 2023?

Our biggest goals for Snob World are really honing in on the international aspects of it in 2023. We started Snob World the year before the pandemic took place, and we were still able to have a lot of business take place with international clients. However, it was of course not the same as it would be if the world was not in a pandemic. We are so excited to finally be able to really prioritize this now that travel and business is a lot easier than it’s been the last few years.

What more can we look forward to in 2023 for all things Moscatels?

I feel like our family is really finding its groove, as a whole and individually. We are a family of four now, and we all just feel really good about where we are in life. Which is a perfect recipe for reaching bigger and higher goals and confidence in our success! You can look forward to more milestones with our businesses, modeling and entrepreneur endeavors, a relaunch of our reality show, and some secrets we cannot yet reveal. We are so excited to share all we do with all of you in 2023!

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