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Hachi Yin Welcomes a New Era for Aspiring Entrepreneurs with His New Investor-Entrepreneur app, ‘ist’

The American business ownership is experiencing significant changes. Recent data reveals that women helm 42% of all U.S. businesses, reflecting a remarkable growth of 114% over the past two decades. However, this advancement has not been mirrored in venture capital funding, with startups led entirely by women receiving a mere 1.9% of the total funding.

Entrepreneur and angel investor Hachi Yin's new entrepreneur-investor platform, the 'ist' app, responds to the momentum of the rising wave of women entrepreneurs. Designed to transform the entrepreneurial landscape, 'ist' offers a new platform for women seeking to launch their ventures.

'ist' acts as a vital digital bridge, adeptly connecting the vision of emerging entrepreneurs with the seasoned expertise and financial support of established investors. It signifies a crucial advancement in narrowing the gap between the initial stages of entrepreneurial dreams and their fruition into successful business realities.

A Great Boost to Start

With global venture capital funding having surged past $540 billion in 2023, yet the startup failure rate remaining stubbornly high at 90%, 'ist' positions itself as a much-needed solution in a world brimming with untapped potential and innovative ideas from women. Hachi, who journeyed from managing a small candy shop to becoming a significant property developer in Phuket, encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurial spirit – one that 'ist' aims to ignite across women globally.

Hachi Yin

For Hachi, support is fundamental in the journey of entrepreneurship. Beyond financial backing, aspiring entrepreneurs seek advocates who believe in their potential. The 'ist' app embodies this support system, substantially boosting women and empowering them to believe in themselves and pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Hachi says, “Navigating the entrepreneurial path is fraught with hurdles. 'ist' emanates from my and many women’s myriad struggles as we embark on this journey with nothing more than a dream. It enables the transformation of visionary ideas into tangible realities.”

A New Era of Efficiency in Startup Process

As 150 million startups are vying for attention, sectors like AI, fintech, and eCommerce — significantly bolstered during the COVID-19 pandemic — underscore the urgent need for innovative business ideas to secure robust investment. Often laden with complex and time-consuming processes, traditional investment channels create formidable obstacles for startups eager to leverage emerging market trends.

'ist' emerges as a game-changer, ingeniously streamlining the connection between investors and entrepreneurs. This intuitive app creates a place where aspiring women entrepreneurs can effortlessly pitch their ideas to a network of investors, who, in turn, gain access to a diverse array of groundbreaking concepts.

According to Hachi, central to the platform’s innovative approach is its unique 60-second pitching rule. This feature challenges entrepreneurs to distill their ideas into clear, precise pitches, honing their vision while aligning with investors' preferences for concise, compelling presentations.

“We've designed 'ist' to dismantle the complexities traditionally associated with fundraising,” Hachi mentions. “We aim to empower women entrepreneurs to concentrate more on their innovative pursuits and less on the tiring task of finding investors.”

A Leap Into the Future

As the world is on the brink of a technological renaissance, McKinsey's research suggests that startups could generate over €1 trillion in value by 2030. Looking at this, Hachi sees 'ist' as a pivotal player in this transformative era. He envisions 'ist' as a starting point and a companion in the entrepreneurial journey, offering stability and progressive growth.

“The future is luminous for those who dare to dream. We aim to see 'ist' become a household name in the startup world, synonymous with success and innovation,” Hachi asserts.

However, this new way of entrepreneurship championed by 'ist' is not without caution. While 'ist' presents a novel and quick investment approach, the startup ecosystem is complex. The challenge lies in ensuring quality over quantity in a platform that simplifies investment processes.

Hachi acknowledges these challenges but remains steadfast in his vision. “True, not every idea will succeed," he says, "But 'ist' is about giving every worthy idea a fighting chance. It’s about nurturing the idea with the right resources.” With this, the challenge lies in the ‘ist’ app’s rigorous evaluation process, security, and ensuring that only serious candidates are given this life-changing opportunity.

Charting the Course

As 'ist' takes its first steps in the entrepreneurial world, it carries with it the aspirations of countless women dreamers and the promise of a future where ideas find both voice and wings. Embodying Hachi’s vision, the app proves how innovation bridges gaps and unlocks potential in the entrepreneurship landscape.

Hachi remarks, “We are not just launching an app; we are ushering in a new era. An era where dreams are not just dreamt but are realized. ‘ist’ is the first step in this journey towards a brighter, more entrepreneurial future.”

The ’ist’ app is available for download for all Android and iOS users.

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