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How skill stacking can change your career direction in 2022

Upskill your way to your dream job.

If you’re ambitious and constantly on the lookout for growth opportunities you will know that upskilling is a vital step towards becoming an MVP in your industry.

According to digital learning platform MindSharp, 2021 has seen significant growth in further education options in response to changing workplace demands. Many employers are in search of candidates with specific IT-related skill sets that do not require candidates to drastically change career direction or have an extensive IT background.

MD at MindSharp, Elbie Liebenberg, believes that skill stacking with one or more IT short courses can improve your future job options and employability

“Many people are currently evaluating their careers, realising that they need to invest in the development of their skills to ensure their continued employability. Regardless of the current field in which you find yourself, there are a host of new programmes in which you can enrol to build on and expand your professional portfolio, which will increase your desirability in the job marketplace and ensure you can move up the proverbial career ladder,” says Liebenberg.

Here are a few IT-related fields of study that can fortify your CV and career trajectory which you can find at online learning institutions such as MindSharp, THINK Digital College, 2U and more.

Web Developer

These tech professionals keep us connected and working in a world that relies on information communication technologies to run, and will remain in high demand long into the future. Consider: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 Application Development.

Data Security Specialist

Within companies, Chief Information Officers are crucial to help guide the direction of a company, based on insight into the meaning of available data. Consider: Python, Data Security Management, Databases.

Software Engineer

Each industry requires its software engineers to translate their insight of the industry into the software engineering space of that industry, so this is a great field in which you can apply prior knowledge to a new role. Consider: Java, Python, HTML5 Application Development.

Web Designer

Becoming a web designer will allow you to apply your existing knowledge of your field and market in a creative and stimulating new way.Consider: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator CC 2020.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use their creativity to create visual concepts that communicate certain ideas and messages. This takes the form of both physical and virtual art forms and includes elements such as words, graphics, and images. Consider: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020, Adobe InDesign CC 2020, Adobe Illustrator CC 2020.

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