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The book on conscious leadership you NEED to read by Queen Ramotsehoa

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With so many talented and visionary boss women out there, a book on leadership and building positive relationships in the workplace is just the thing we need - particularly if it’s written from the perspective of a woman.

Thankfully, one of the most sought-after life coaches in South Africa, TEDX speaker, entrepreneur, and owner of Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy, Queen Ramotsehoa has now a released book consolidating all the knowledge and expertise she has built up in the field of leadership, education and holistic management over the years. She is also a self-proclaimed “activist for happiness and success in the workplace”.

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Now, she is sharing this knowledge with the world. Leadership Anchored in Consciousness IS a Big Deal, speaks to individuals who want to build successful ventures and businesses through the art of empathy, understanding and relationship management.

“This book is a clarion call to lead fellow human beings,” says Queen Ramotsehoa. “A disruptor for any leader who is bold enough to strive for impossible leadership results”

It is widely consented that great organisations can only be built with great people. And great people are built through healthy management styles, encouragement, mentorship, and leadership.

Thus, Leadership Anchored in Consciousness, provides guidance on how to get rid of old, archaic management trappings, and instead take a leap of faith with fellow human beings. It enables a leader to know how to find the right piece of the puzzle for their organisation, at the right time, with the right person, for the best results and the best impact, whilst also reaffirming a powerful truth about leadership - that leadership IS a management tool.

Ramotsehoa emphasises that simple gestures such as a hand-shake, looking someone in the eye, a compassionate one-on-one conversation, or even a compliment can have an enormous positive impact on your relationship with individuals and their performance under your leadership.

This book is a tool for anyone who wants to take their management style from simple delegation to one that is uplifting and inspiring.

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