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Discover Tabou Spring / Summer - 2023

Rising Ghana’s sustainable fashion brand, Tabou, has taken the fashion world by storm with the unveiling of its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, aptly named “The Essence of Transformation.”

This extraordinary collection is a celebration of embracing change and the art of letting go, showcasing versatile pieces that empower individuals to explore their unique style and personal growth.

Image: @nueshot

According to the brand’s statement, each meticulously crafted garment embodies the spirit of metamorphosis. This symbolizes the graceful process of shedding the old and embracing the new. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Tabou proudly utilizes factory ends to create some designs, reducing waste and giving new life to materials. Designed with tailored lines and fluid silhouettes, the collection captures the duality of transformation. Through their effortless blend of textures and materials, the garments convey the diverse experiences and emotions encountered during times of transition.

An integral part of the collection’s concept is the use of colors, which represent the spectrum of emotions related to transformation. Bright hues express exhilaration, soft pastels evoke vulnerability and strength, and bold shades convey freedom from past constraints.

Image: @nueshot,

Tabou’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection encourages wearers to embrace their unique journeys of transformation, encouraging reflection, growth, and evolution. this sustainable fashion collection serves as an empowering reminder that change is not only inevitable but also an opportunity for personal reinvention.

Founded by Nadia Eman Ibrahim, Tabou is creating a profound impact on the fashion industry by championing sustainability and empowering individuals through style and self-expression. With “The Essence of Transformation,” Tabou invites fashion enthusiasts to embrace the beauty and transformative power of fashion.

Words By Kris Sowah (Cypress)

Models: @carolzinsu @real_kwamevhybz

Styled by @_gakpe

Makeup by @naakorkor75

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