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Our December Cover Star, Lungile Thabethe shares her take on representation,art, content creation,and entrepreneurship.

The beauty landscape continues to shift, and its standards are ever-changing. The Thabethe sisters have positioned themselves as the faces of this evolution in seven simple steps. I’m interested in Lungile’s perception of beauty over the years.

“Although creative expression is crucial, it must never take away from the importance of living in the moment.“Quick Face is a physical reflection of that change in perception of beauty. I want it to be there always, but muted and moulding to the ever-changing swirls of my journey, accommodating me where I am in that moment.”

I ask her to expand her take on inclusivity and representation in the beauty space in 2022? “The growth from when I started out in the industry to this point has been spectacular, and I’m proud to have been at the forefront of that conversation. My hope is that it continues, taking even bigger strides, so that the little girl experimenting with makeup for the first time will have an entirely different experience from my own in 50 years and that she feels it was created with her in mind.”

That said, who is the Quick Face woman, and how does she interact with the product, according to Lungile? “She’s a busy beauty babe who doesn’t want to compromise on looking and feeling good, even when her schedule doesn’t allow it. She loves beautiful, lightweight, high-quality products that give her a flawless glow whenever she’s on the move.”

Glamour December Cover Star-Lungile Thabethe

Comfortable in her skin

As a makeup artist, Lungile is aware of the conversations that happen around beauty, and she says the biggest misconception about makeup is that its sole purpose is to cover up imperfections when, in fact, it’s so much more.

“It’s full of history, and there’s a shared goal among women across generations to enhance a beauty that already exists.”

So, what role does makeup play in her life? “Not only is it a tool that helps me do my job, but it maintains my mental health. It’s been a form of artistic expression and therapy for me throughout most of my adult life.” Expanding on her approach to wellness, she says, “Mental health comes first, and everything else falls into place how and when it should. I’m always learning that perfection isn’t the goal. It’s the journey that matters most, so let it be peaceful and filled with light and positivity.”

The future is Quick Face

From our conversation, it’s clear that Lungile advocates for living in the moment. She’s visibly excited about her magazine cover debut, so I ask her to talk about this moment.

“It’s literally a dream come true! It’s my first cover, and what an incredible way to begin, side by side with my favourite person and an incredible brand!” She affirms that this moment speaks to her relentlessness in pursuit of achieving her goals within the beauty space. “And God’s answered promises, to trust in him and give yourself over to his will and, most importantly, to the faith of a mustard seed.

Read the full cover story in the November issue of Glamour SA, now available in-stores nationwide, or grab your digital copy, here.

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