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Our December Cover Star, Ayanda Thabethe shares her skincare routine, approach to wellness and entrepreneurship

MC, presenter, businesswoman and one half of the dynamic duo, Ayanda Thabethe navigates her different roles seamlessly while looking effortlessly chic. She says her approach to wellness is from the inside out. She let’s us in on the role of makeup in her life, and we uncover the layers.

Skin deep

I zoom in on Ayanda while Lungile works her magic. Seeing as we’re in the summer season, I ask her how she protects her skin from UV rays.

“The star of my skincare routine is sunscreen – I never go a day without it. Besides that, I stay out of the sun as much as I can, and if I must expose my skin to it, a wide-brimmed hat and shades help my skin fight sun damage and pigmentation.”

Beauty is indeed skin deep, so how does she take care of herself from the inside out? “I consider self-care an inside-out approach. I believe that whatever’s on the inside always radiates on the outside. Spirituality plays a vital role in ensuring my spirit is strong enough to withstand this volatile industry. Affirmations are my go-to for reinforcing positive messages that keep my mind focused and strong.”

Ayanda asserts that she also believes in protecting her space. I only allow people into my surroundings who are positive and uplifting.” Fitness is a big part of her routine, and she says training plays a crucial role in keeping her mind and body strong. If you follow Ayanda on the socials and small screen, you’ll have noticed she nails every look, from glam chic to red-carpet, corporate and sporty, in her respective roles on- and off-screen.

“I’m highly influenced by the London street-style aesthetic, which is versatile, understated and chic. I’m able to move easily between looks because I allow myself to experiment without boxing my fashion sense into one type of style.” She describes her aesthetic as effortless elegance with a little sass!

Glamour December Cover Star-Ayanda Thabethe

The perfect face for every occasion

Makeup plays a vital role in her life as she shows up in different spaces. “It enhances my natural features in a way that makes me feel bold and confident. It’s also one of the most effective and efficient ways to pick myself up on a dull day. I prefer makeup that makes me feel like the best version of myself; looks that enhance rather than alter my features.” So, how does Ayanda switch it up to complement each look? “I have a very simple approach to makeup, so I usually use either eyeshadow or lipstick to switch up my looks fora bolder statement when needed.”

I can imagine motherhood was a contributing factor in the conception of the Quick Face seven-step kit, considering it’s quick and easy, which makes sense for moms on the go. “Being a mom has made convenience an absolute priority. I have to juggle different roles, so I appreciate the benefit of an accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use seven-step makeup routine. When we created Quick Face, we had the busy, globe-trotting, mom and time-starved woman in mind.”

Game face on!

Ayanda affirms that she and her sister want to be the solution to understanding how complex life can be by introducing an uncomplicated makeup routine. The best part is that she can contribute to social impact with her sister. “Working with her has been an absolute dream come true because we share an authentic love for all things beauty.

“We were introduced to beauty and cosmetics at home and have cultivated that into the makeup looks we enjoy today. Who wouldn’t want to share an empire with their best friend? It’s a dream come true!”

About their dynamic, she says many people assume there must be a lot of fights or disagreements because they’re siblings. “On the contrary, we enjoy a peaceful and uncomplicated business relationship that stems from our mutual respect, having the same vision and allowing each other the freedom and trust to manage our roles independently.” She enlightens that product development is Lungile’s turf, whereas marketing and storytelling are hers. And that they understand their roles well and treat each other as equals.

Ayanda shares that although Quick Face’s offering was necessary and the market was ready for it, she and her sister were overwhelmed by the reception. “We didn’t predict the brand would be this successful – it sold out in just under three months after its release. We owe the outpouring of love to our followers and fans who believed in us and our brand offering.”

Not only are the sisters disrupting the beauty space, but Quick Face is also a celebration of all skin tones, which assures African women across the spectrum that they’re seen. “For the longest time, the standard of beauty was narrow-minded and non-inclusive.” She affirms we’re privileged to be living in a time when society has realised the need for inclusion and diversity in all aspects of life. “If you look at our pageants alone, of which Miss South Africa is one of the most popular, you realise the faces of beauty are changing.” She notes that they’re much more reflective of the women we are as opposed to the narrative of aspirational value previously sold to us.

Read the full cover story in the November issue of Glamour SA, now available in-stores nationwide, or grab your digital copy, here.

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