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Kick start your fitness journey with Stephanie Viada

They say Summer bodies are made in Winter but for the model, fitness is a lifestyle. She’s playing an active role in helping to change how the world views body image, and is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand models.

After gaining a large social media following due to her lifestyle posts and stunning holistic lifestyle shots, people fell in love with Viada’s confidence and honest fitness and wellness advice.

With her positivity and kindness, Viada shows others how the modeling industry is becoming a more accepting place. She often encourages others to keep persisting and not give up on their dreams — especially aspiring models who may get discouraged. She is someone who is very aware of her social impact and wants to use it for good.

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“I would say the first 3 years of my career were really about learning the ins and outs of the industry and finding my niche,” says Viada exclusively to GLAMOUR SA, as she is now 7 years into her modeling career and really blowing up. “Imposter syndrome is very real, I still have moments when I feel like the new girl, and that I have no business speaking in the industry. I have to remind myself that I really did start in the early days of the plus model wave and I’ve witnessed the evolution of this industry first hand!”

As a fitness enthusiast and curvy model, Viada passionately advocates that healthy bodies look different on everybody — not just what girls grew up seeing in the “supermodel era” of the ‘90s.

“For a long time I kept my opinions, tips, and tricks to myself for fear of judgment and negativity from my peers,” she says. “I realized that nobody in my specific industry has really embraced and pushed the narrative I am, so I’m excited to see where this leads me in my career. Ultimately, my intention is to inspire women and show them that you can achieve your health and physical goals at a larger size, that smaller and thinner is not necessarily everyone’s goal — despite what society and many other fitness influencers may lead you to believe!”

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Viada is constantly stressing the importance of promoting fitness on her social media. By showing more inclusivity in fitness campaigns, Viada believes we can create a healthier society where all models are celebrated, despite their differences in external appearance.

The model opens up below about her health and fitness insight, revolutionizing the modeling industry, and how she balances a lifestyle rooted in wellness and self-love.

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Glamour: Can you run us through your day? What is your typical morning routine?

Stephanie: The first thing I do every morning is take my dogs out for a walk. If I’m not working, I’ll take them for a longer walk before they get breakfast. Once all my animals are cared for, I’ll have my breakfast, which is almost always eggs, bacon and coffee.

I’ll catch up on some emails, then maybe listen to a podcast while I tidy up. Then I’ll get ready for the day! Again, depending on whether I’m working that day or not, I’ll either go for a hike and do errands, or I’ll head out for a shoot. I try to get active in some form daily, whether it's a hike, long walk, gym, or a class — most days I will end the day with a barre or pilates class at my local studio.

Glamour: You are all about eating good to feel good without a strict diet. What are you eating day-to-day to keep your amazing physique while also nourishing your body as I’m sure you are always on the go?

Stephanie: Over the years, I have found that my body just doesn’t agree with refined carbs and sugar. I have tried to include these things in moderation, and my body hates them. I do not deprive myself of whole foods and I don’t count calories — I eat when I’m hungry and I don’t when I’m not.

I feel most energized and my healthiest self on a high protein, high fat, and high vegetable diet! My day-to-day meals are usually eggs and bacon, a salad with a protein, and something like chicken and veggies for dinner, bunless burgers, or a steak.

Glamour: Are you big on vitamins? Which ones do you take and why?

Stephanie: Everyday before breakfast I make sure to eat my sea moss, which is great for your digestion, immune system, metabolism, thyroid health, energy, and skin. It also provides 92 of the essential minerals we need. I get mine from an Etsy shop called “Euphoric Moss” and she has the best quality and tasting product I’ve had yet. I eat it in a jelly form, flavored with cinnamon! I also take all my supplements and vitamins daily — those include zinc, lysine, vitamin D, echinacea, and spirulina.

Glamour: We know how much you love to work out. What are your five go-to workout songs that pump you up?



2. Rock is Dead- Marilyn Manson

3. Just Us- DJ Khaled & SZA

4. Daisy- Ashnikko

5. Saoko- Rosalia

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