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5 reasons we love our December Cover Stars, Ayanda and Lungile Thabethe

We’re excited to introduce trailblazers Ayanda and Lungile Thabethe as our December cover stars. Ayanda, a model, MC, and businesswoman, and Lungile, a digital creator, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur.

A dynamic duo

The Thabethe sisters continue to capture the attention of brands and audiences with their impeccable work ethic and innovative approach to business and content creation. Their collaboration on Quick Face with retail giant, Mr Price, further affirms that together they are indomitable.

They work and play together

Ever heard the expression “don’t mix business with pleasure?” Well, they do and they’re doing a stellar job! According to Ayanda, the best part of the Quick Face collab is that she gets to contribute to social impact with her sister. “Working with her has been an absolute dream come true because we share an authentic love for all things beauty. “We were introduced to beauty and cosmetics at home and have cultivated that into the makeup looks we enjoy today. Who wouldn’t want to share an empire with their best friend? It’s a dream come true!” Lungile concurs, “It’s literally a dream come true! It’s my first cover, and what an incredible way to begin, side by side with my favourite person and an incredible brand!”

They are multi-faceted Queens

They’ve both made a name for themselves in their respective fields. Lungile is a sought after celebrity makeup artists, digital creator and entrepreneur. About her craft, she says “I love connecting with people through their makeup and skincare stories, each one unique to the individual but unified in the feeling of wanting to belong.” Ayanda who is a first time mom says “being a mom has made convenience an absolute priority. I have to juggle different roles, so I appreciate the benefit of an accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use seven-step makeup routine. When we created Quick Face, we had the busy, globe-trotting, mom and time-starved woman in mind.”

They radiate from the inside

We’re all chasing that Summer glow as we usher in Summer season. While they both have flawless skin and share their skin care routines with us in the issue. They also affirm that beauty is skin deep. “I consider self-care an inside-out approach. I believe that whatever’s on the inside always radiates on the outside. Spirituality plays a vital role in ensuring my spirit is strong enough to withstand this volatile industry. Affirmations are my go-to for reinforcing positive messages that keep my mind focused and strong,” shares Ayanda.

We’re inspired by their approach to representation and inclusivity

Not only are the sisters disrupting the beauty space, but Quick Face is also a celebration of all skin tones, which assures African women across the spectrum that they’re seen. “For the longest time, the standard of beauty was narrow-minded and non-inclusive.” Ayanda affirms we’re privileged to be living in a time when society has realised the need for inclusion and diversity in all aspects of life. “If you look at our pageants alone, of which Miss South Africa is one of the most popular, you realise the faces of beauty are changing.” She notes that they’re much more reflective of the women we are as opposed to the narrative of aspirational value previously sold to us.

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