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GLAMOUR Q&A with Gaisang K Noge of The Wife

The third and final season of the multi-award-winning Showmax Original telenova, The Wife returned last week and it’s been receiving a lot of love. We catch with the lady of the moment, Gaisang K Noge who plays the character of the people’s doctor and Qhawe’s love interest, Naledi.

Glamour: What sort of conversations emanated from your storyline?

Gaisang: Love between people from different tribes. How my much someone is willing to do for love and relationship dynamics within our families.

Glamour: Please talk to us about your experience of playing Naledi?

Gaisang: So the experience has been nothing short of amazing, but it’s also testing. Testing because it’s challenging me a lot as an actress, with her requiring a lot of depth.

Glamour: Are there any similarities between Gaisang and Naledi?

Gaisang: Yeah they are some similarities. Naledi is a very colourful person from the brightest to the darkest colour I’m also just like that.

Glamour: The chemistry between Naledi and Qhawe was a major talking point. What's your take on it?

Gaisang: I think it’s amazing when artist come together and are naturally able to create magic. It’s honestly the love for our characters,they journey and the story as a whole that audiences are experiencing from us as actors and that’s what makes everyone love Naledi and Qhawe so much as a union.

Glamour: What surprised you most about yourself during filming?

Gaisang: The level of depth I’m now able to reach because of the characters journey.

Glamour: How would you describe the relationship you share with your fellow cast members?

Gaisang: It’s very interesting, we are all so passionate about this story. We like a family of passion and fire for our story. We protect its truth with everything.

Glamour: Family is a central theme, what's your take on the Zulu family dynamics?

Gaisang: The Zulus are tight-knit, you can’t separate them. I think it’s beautiful to see a group of brothers love, protect and respect each other so much.

Glamour: Why is this such an important story to tell and what was your biggest takeaway?

Gaisang: Well it’s an important story because it will teach, heal and encourage people to fight and not be afraid to love again. Considering we’re still mid-production, I don’t have one big takeaway as yet but I also don’t doubt that I will have one at the end.

Glamour: Without giving away too much, what can we expect from Naledi in the final season of The Wife?

Gaisang: Expect different sides of Naledi. Naledi the Princess Naledi the Doctor Naledi the Love aka “Nkanyezi ka Qhawe.” Who will she become?

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