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Empower Yourself: Manifest Your Best Life During the Month of Love. Here's How...

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to manifest your dream job, home, car and even partner into existence, manifestation coach and author of Ride the River Catherine Glennie affirms it is. Here, she sheds some light.

You’ve probably been hearing the term ‘manifestation’ a lot lately and seeing candles on the timeline. And if you’d also like to manifest your best life into existence but are wondering where to start, Catherine Glennie says it’s all about energy. “Manifestation is moving formless into form. It’s a deeply spiritual process. It’s about the heart and soul, not the head.”

Explaining that the minute you use intellect to drive the process, its vibrational quality decreases, and you start losing connection with the power behind manifestation – your soul. And that makes things more challenging than they’re meant to be. She further enlightens that it’s not something you do – such as running, praying or eating. It’s a material expression of your invisible frequency. “My version of manifestation is always about the soul’s DNA and purpose – after all, who doesn’t want to do work that feeds the soul and feel the support of something bigger than their efforts?”

Glamour: Talk us through your approach to manifestation, and describe your role in the process.

Catherine Glennie: My approach is called No More PushPush. It’s revolutionary! And so is how I discovered and developed it. It’s about manifesting with flow – not stress and struggle. It centres around connecting with the soul, the overlighting field of intelligence that governs our lives. My vision is a world where everybody fully expresses their soul. My mission is to show people how to do that.

Glamour: Give us examples of what people manifest.

Catherine: The No More PushPush version focuses people on manifesting their highest destiny and the best version of themselves – a state I call ‘Ultimate You-ness’. When we do this, we activate the law of attraction, and everything falls into place. My book Ride the River explains this dynamic and shows how trying to change things outside ourselves sets up a flow away from us. Whereas, when we try to be our Ultimate ‘Me-ness’, the flow changes direction towards us. And that’s when the magic begins.

Glamour: Tell us what you’ve manifested?

Catherine: A lot! Wow. So much that I had to write a sequel to Ride the River to share it all with everyone!

Glamour: Is manifestation similar to the law of attraction?

Catherine: Yes and no. The law of attraction is a natural part of manifestation, but most people don’t realise something needs to be present first for the law of attraction to activate. What’s that? It’s the law of flow, which is the big brother of the law of attraction. Flow comes from expressing your ‘Ultimate You-ness’ (as explained in my book). It aligns you with your soul. It’s not complicated, but it’s a radical departure from using personal force and intellect to drive results.

Glamour: Do you need to be able to meditate to manifest your deepest desires?

Catherine: Oh, yes! But meditation is often misunderstood. It’s a way to achieve connection with yourself and the divinity within. There are many ways to do that aside from closing the eyes and trying to still mind chatter. Walking in the forest quietly is a meditation, and devotional singing in groups is another. Anything that brings you presence, opens your heart and enhances your ability to be a deliberate manifester. I teach my clients a three-minute breathing meditation. My belief is that conscious breath is the first contact with the divine. The reason I was able to write my first book on manifestation is because I practised this daily for six months, and then things started happening on their own. You don’t need to be sitting in silence for hours on end. Your soul works with your daily life and everything you do can be a chance to create a holy moment, one that leads to flow.

Glamour: Tell us more about your books?

Catherine: I’ve written two on manifestation. Ride the River explains the architecture and alchemy of manifestation. This wonderful little book shows how the soul is the manifesting force. Published in 2001, it’s the definitive work on manifestation, one I’ve followed ever since. And No More PushPush, soon to be released, is a manifestation masterclass of note – I love it! It’s full of real life examples of how I – and those who’ve used my No More Push Push approach – have triggered miraculous changes in our lives. It’s about working with the river of the soul, in which I have over twenty years experience and have created miracles in my life, finances, businesses, marriage and adventures.

Glamour: What are your top five manifestation tips?

• State an intention to live aligned to your soul daily.

• Follow your heart, even if you take risks to do so. Do specific things to open your heart.

• Be yourself. It opens the flow.

• Make plans to achieve your goals, but respond to how life is unfolding. The turns in the road you mightn’t like are often your soul leading you to the best route forward.

• Take downtime when you need it. A lot of creativity comes in a space of rest.

• And buy my books! My advice really works!


Ride the River by Catherine Glennie (R100,

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