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4 Go-to gifts that have got to go

Have you been getting beef about your bad gifting ideas?

While the age-old adage is true – it’s not about how much the gift costs, it’s the thought that counts – some of us are notoriously bad at picking gifts. Sometimes it’s because we’re picking out a gift based on our taste, while at other times it’s because we bought something on sale and now we’re trying to figure out who it might be best for.

Here are four go-to gifts that you thought were a hit, but only received a lukewarm smile.

Soap on a string no-no

No one asks to receive soap on a string, bath bombs or body lotion. These and other self-care products like wrinkle cream or balding products are so 2001. Don’t get caught behind the times by subtly hinting that the recipient needs to bathe more often. While these generic gifts might be useful somewhere down the line, no one needs you to buy these as gifts.

Woeful wardrobe faux-pas

Ties, socks and undies – no matter how colourful or quirky are also a no-go. No one would put a six-pack of tighty-whities on their wish list, so steer clear. Then there’s also the issue of sizes, which is just plain awkward.

Picky personal preferences

The same goes for jewellery and accessories – unless you know the person very well, you’re likely to make an error in judgement by picking a gift based on your personal taste. Even of the gift is expensive, they might not want to hurt your feeling by saying anything or exchanging it.

Stop scoring own goals

Regifting is probably the worst gifting idea of the lot – think about the time you received a pen with the gifter’s initials engraved on it, a journal with an inscription intended for someone else or a pyjama set three sizes too big. Nothing says you haven’t put the time or effort into a gift like a regifted one.

Instant SnackMe gifts from Mr D Food

If you want gifting ideas that won’t end up in storage or land you on the ‘bad gifter’ black list – try an instant SnackMe gift from the Mr D Food app.

You can never go wrong with food. No matter whether it’s a salmon sushi platter, shisa nyama or something to indulge that sugar craving like a delectable slice of red velvet cheesecake.

Image: Supplied

SnackMe, the latest feature from the Mr D Food app, offers instant social gifting. It’s as easy as picking a gift, writing a message on a personalised ecard, choosing the gift amount (any value from R10 upwards) and hitting send. They will receive it instantly via SMS or email (even if they aren’t a Mr D Food user) and can redeem it instantly from over 8 000 restaurants nationwide. That special someone can buy themselves a slice of birthday cake or order comfort food straight to their doorstep.

The best thing about SnackMe is that it’s a two-way street. SnackMe’s two-way gifting functionality allows you to give and receive gifts, and even request gifts.

Now you REALLY have no excuse to be a bad gifter.

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