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Live it up on holiday, all-inclusive style!

Want to go on holiday with your besties but don’t have time for the millions of organisational details that need to be taken care of? Then an all-inclusive vacation could be just what you need! A holiday package including flights, accommodation, food and drink takes the work out of going away, leaving you with nothing more to do than sit back and relax. Thinking about hitting that ‘Book’ button? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s fantastic value for money 

One lump sum paid upfront with no extra costs while on vacation? Sign us up! An all-inclusive holiday means time spent at a resort with no additional bills to pay, so you won’t have to be worried about settling any charges once you check out. Of course, spending money for souvenirs is always recommended, so plan to bring some cash with you for the occasional shopping excursion – and then enjoy that Mai Tai cocktail at your hotel afterwards. 

It’s entertaining 

Want to go kayaking? Kitesurfing? Dancing? Sightseeing? Shopping? Your hotel will take care of everything for you. Most all-inclusive resorts have a full line-up of entertainment and activities for you to enjoy, all part of your holiday package. So whenever you feel like putting your cocktail down and kicking your heels up, you’ll have plenty to do, see and enjoy.

It’s friendly 

Staying at a resort means being able to interact with people who have similar interests as you, so whether you’re staying at a kid-friendly hotel, an adults-only one or a beachfront paradise, you’ll have more than enough people to meet and greet, and have fun with for as long as you’re there. 

It’s relaxing 

No extra bills to worry about, no paying for meals, drinks or extra activities – all you need to concern yourself with is finding a lounger as close as possible to the pool, and finding a waiter to bring you food and drinks. Hard work deserves to be rewarded, so if you and your girlfriends are looking forward to doing as little as possible after a prolonged busy period, an all-inclusive vacation could be just what the doctor ordered. Book that trip, pack that swimming costume and enjoy!

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