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These are the food trends on the rise in 2022

Here’s the food we’ll be eating and the way we’ll be dining in 2022, according to experts.


Hibiscus has been making an appearance in cocktails, tea, and even ice cream in recent years, and is set to do so even more this year. Packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C, it boosts the immune system and reduces free radicals in the body. Hibiscus can be enjoyed in jams, syrups, flavoured water and salads.

Ethical eating

The rise in plant-based diets has been dramatic and this is part of a broader movement towards ethical eating. People are becoming more conscious of the impact their food choices have on the environment, as well as their contribution to food waste and carbon footprint. There has been a rise in the purchase of locally-farmed produce and the use of root-to-tip recipes at home and in restaurants.

Next-level dining experience

After having their doors closed for so long, restaurants are looking for innovative new ways in which to attract diners to their restaurants. According to industry insiders, this may spark an enhanced dining experience - from creative settings and themed menus to cooking classes and transferring guests to new spaces for each course of the meal. Eating out is no longer about just the meal, but the complete dining experience and Instagrammable moments that come with it.

Grain renaissance

Supermarkets ran out of flour during the pandemic forcing people to turn to grain alternatives. In 2022, expect to see a resurgence of ancient grains such as sorghum, barley, and rye in products such as granola, baked goods and even milk.

Potato milk

Speaking of milk, dairy alternatives such as almond and oat milk have grown in popularity and now potato milk is on the horizon. According to experts, it offers a creamy, tasty flavour, and is a low in sugar and saturated fats, It also uses half the land needed to harvest the equivalent amount of oats.

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