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The best solo travel destinations for women in 2022 (and what to do while you're there)

Female solo travel has become one of the fastest growing markets for the travel industry over the past few years. Travel companies dedicated exclusively to women have increased by 230%, with the search volume for ‘female solo travel’ soaring by 62% over the past three years.

Travel restrictions are set to be examined in a government review on Wednesday 5th January, with many industry experts calling to reduce the testing burden on international holiday-makers. Whether you've managed to make it abroad during the pandemic or have simply stuck to staycations, wanderlust this January is certainly rife. The weather outside is cold and miserable, rain is lashing at our windows as we return to our WFH stations, and there's only one thing on our minds: 2022 holidays.

So, if you're hoping to jump on the solo travel hype this year, you've come to the right place. Here, Kristin Addis (AKA Be My Travel Muse), solo female travel expert and author of Conquering Mountains: How to Solo Travel the World Fearlessly, shares her top destinations around the world for female solo adventurers. Prepare for some serious wanderlust…


Iceland is the first country I always recommend. It has consistently been number one on the list of the safest countries to visit, and let’s be honest, safety is usually top of mind for solo female travellers. My favourite thing to do is rent a camper van and drive the ring road. If it’s the summertime, you will meet plenty of other people at the campsites. But if it is the off-season, prepare for plenty of solitude. It’s so beautiful; this is my idea of a perfect solo getaway.


Next I recommend Thailand. It is the perfect place to meet people and was my first big solo trip. For those in their 20s, hostels are the best way to meet others and have a built-in network of people from the moment you arrive. Even going back in my 30s, I met plenty of people in cafés, on day trips, and just out and about. I left the north at the most, but the islands are amazing too.


The Philippines must have some of the friendliest people in the world. As an English speaker, it’s nice that there is not as much of a language barrier and I felt like I got more local interaction in the Philippines. One of my favourite islands is Siargao for all of the beauty!


As a former Berliner, I might be a bit biased, but I think that Germany, particularly Berlin, is so full of culture, unique things to do, and a quirkiness that you can’t find anywhere else. For lovers of art and grittiness, Berlin is perfect. But if you love the mountains and waterfalls, you will also love Bavaria and Baden Wurttemberg. Although the summer is the most popular time to explore, Christmas time with the Christmas markets is amazing too!

Sri Lanka

I love this country so much, I’ve been back three times. The food is great, it’s very affordable, and the people are lovely. My favourite thing to do is to take the train between Kandy and Ella, though Arugam Bay is also nice if you want to learn how to surf!


This is another country I have returned to several times. My favourite thing to do is rent a jeep and explore the rugged east coast of the island. There are so many little lagoons and beach is completely devoid of other people. The water is also crystal clear with so many white sand beaches on the West Coast. You really can’t go wrong. Plus it’s so small, you can see a lot even with only a few days!


I love Canada for travelling alone and have visited several times solo. The country is huge, but the rumours about the friendliness are true. I love how much wilderness there is, and have always found it easy to meet people. My favourite areas are the lakes of Manitoba, the mountains of Alberta, and the changing leaves of Québec.

This was originally published on Glamour UK.

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