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We can’t keep our hands out the cookie jar with these around!

Photography: Nigel Deary These deliciously decadent – but totally gluten-free! – granola bars are a must-have for your cookie jar!


Prep time: 20 minutes. Makes 16 servings.


60ml coconut butter

30ml melted coconut oil

75ml honey

5ml vanilla essence

A pinch of salt

125ml desiccated coconut

375ml puffed brown rice cereal

375ml instant oats

80ml chopped 70% dark chocolate


Line a 23-cm square tin with baking paper.

In a large saucepan, heat the coconut butter, coconut oil and honey over a medium heat, stirring until it starts to gently bubble. Add the vanilla essence and salt and heat for another 2 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the coconut, puffed rice and oats.

Scrape the mixture into the lined tin. Gently spread it out with your hands and press down quite firmly to pack the mixture into the tin. Quickly sprinkle over the chopped chocolate and lightly press the pieces into the mixture. Leave to cool before cutting into 16 bars.

This recipe is extracted from ‘The Cookie Jar’ by Lisa Clark (Struik Lifestyle).

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