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Gina Swire Teaches You to Self-love Your Way to Millions

Highly successful people often share three characteristics: confidence, decisiveness, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Each of these qualities can be cultivated and strengthened, giving more people access to success. The fastest way to enhance these skills is by experiencing a self-love transformation, as demonstrated by self-love expert, speaker, and bestselling author Gina Swire.

Gina Swire’s self-love journey took her from a career as an internationally sought after plus-size model with low self-esteem, to a globally recognized self-love expert. “Modelling played havoc with my self-worth” shares Gina.

“Initially I was told I needed to lose weight, then I was scouted as a plus-size model and told I was too thin. On some jobs they even added padding to my clothes to make me look bigger.”

This constant tug-of-war led to an unhealthy cycle of binging and restriction, partying and over-exercising as Gina sought to numb the pain caused by inconsistent external validation.

Her dependence on outside approval prompted a realization that changed the trajectory of her life. She suddenly understood that “if your worth is defined by factors outside your control, you will never be at peace.” Gina decided to quit modelling and learn how to love herself.

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Leaving a lucrative career to focus on self-love was a complete lifestyle shift. Gina gave away her possessions and began travelling the world in search of deeper self-awareness.

What she discovered became the foundation of what she now teaches: "It’s only when we start to source our worthiness from within that we can truly understand our power, become magnetic and attract what we want."

More successful and financially secure than ever, Gina now models how self-love is the best place to start if you want to want to create a prosperous and fulfilling life. Through her online courses, bestselling book PS I Love Me: 12 Steps for a Self-Love Transformation, self-love app and weekly PS I Love Me podcast, Gina teaches that, with self-love, anything is possible.

She explains that self-worth comes down to three consistent behaviors: showing up for yourself, making choices that serve your highest good, and choosing to accept who you are.

Gina demonstrates that high self-worth makes you more magnetic to people, opportunities, and money. “When we clear out unhelpful blocks and beliefs, we create space for more abundance.”

Gina believes that money and pleasure are two sides of the same coin because they are both forms of energetic currency. She teaches a course on how to become multi-orgasmic which focuses on expanding the ability to hold more pleasure in your body. This is based on the same principals she uses to teach people how to hold, generate, and enjoy more wealth.

“More pleasure leads to more wealth. And the more financially secure you are, the more you can make purchasing decisions that benefit the planet.”

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According to Gina, self-love is the most significant gift you can give the world. “Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s the most generous choice you can make. Self-love prompts choices that are better for the planet. You become part of a ripple effect that gives other people permission to be kinder to themselves and each other.”

In early 2022 Gina launched the Infinite Self Love Coaching Academy so she could train coaches to facilitate self-love transformations, making self-love tools accessible to even more people around the globe.

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