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5 reasons we love our May cover star, Ama Qamata

Our wellness issue just dropped and we’ve got you covered with all the advice, tips and insight to help you navigate life with a full tank. Support is not only essential for your emotional well-being but physically, we look at why having the right sports bra matters. Our holistic approach to wellness will help you find what works for you.

You’ll also get to know Ama Qamata better as she opens up about her journey to becoming the woman we love on and off screen. Her passion for her craft will inspire you to want to do and be more. Here are five reasons Glamour loves Ama Qamata...

She’s unapologetically Ama

She’s not afraid to be herself and that’s what makes her beautiful. In a world that’s constantly telling you that you’re not enough, it’s refreshing to see a young woman boldly occupy space as herself.

Her resolute approach to building a sustainable brand

She had a dream, pursued it and positioned herself as a brand. Her conviction has also captured the attention of global brands. She is simply a force!!!

She embodies the Adidas ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ slogan aptly

As an Adidas ambassador, she shows young girls and women how to navigate a world without limits, affirming that their dreams are valid!

She’s effortlessly chic

She doesn’t try too hard with her style but gets it right every time! Come to think of it, her style complements her personality.

She’s resilient

The gorgeous thespian is thriving in an industry that requires a lot from her and remains unshaken. She has also made tough decisions to get to where she is and we’re here for her fighting spirit!

For more on why we love Ama, get the latest issue of Glamour, available on shelves nationwide and digitally here. #ImpossibleIsNothing #GLAMOURxAma

Behind The Scenes with Cover Star Ama Qamata

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