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Catch up with Olwethu Leshabane

One of our favorite content creators, businesswoman and all-round superwoman Olwethu Leshabane had a quick chat with us.

A lot of people would think that choosing to be an entrepreneur and mommy influencer would be a natural reflex for you given that you’re a mom to three beautiful boys, however, it truly is a choice, what made you choose this as your space of influence?

I didn’t start out as an influencer and I still don’t believe I am an influencer per se. But I grew my influence via blogging and creating a community. My sole aim at the time was creating a safe space and community for moms that were looking for spaces that expressed the realities of raising children when you are career ambitious and unapologetic; and I think the influencer title kind of followed that.

Tell us more about your platform Art of Superwoman and how you use it to influence and pioneer the space you’re in?

Art of Superwoman is a community of people that believe in the ability of women to be career ambitious, great partners and raising healthy children, whilst living wholesome and fulfilled lives.

The vision for Art of Superwoman is to humanise women that are doing it all. For far too long women felt the need to step outside of who they are to achieve in the workplace, to be present parents and partners – at Art of Superwoman, we are a community and platform that advocates for women to be who they want to be fully themselves and raise future leaders unapologetically.

What does being a super woman mean to you and how do you translate that on your platform?

Being superwoman to me means being vulnerable, delegating and having the language to express myself and set boundaries.

At the heart of starting the Art of Superwoman platform was the sharing of these struggles with vulnerability and growing as well as becoming a woman who is able to effectively delegate, express themselves, and set boundaries better. This is at the heart of my “I can do it all, just not all at once” philosophy.

You have worked on so many amazing brands in the past but most recently we’ve seen the work you’ve done with NESTLÉ NIDO 3+. The brand recently announced its new and improved recipe that is tailor made for the South African child, this is truly amazing so we’d like to know what this mean for you as a mom raising a three year old?

A mission very close to my heart is the one of reducing and eventually ending childhood stunting in our country. So many children in our country don’t receive quality and nutritious food and in some cases it could be due to parents not being aware of the right micronutrients or sources of micronutrients we need to have in our children’s diets.

In order to make the right nutritional decisions for my child, I need to know better. With NESTLÉ NIDO 3+, I know that I am making the best decision for my child.

The future of our country is in the potential of our children – so when we deny then the nutrients they need, we reduce their chances and potential.

We all want to ensure our children receive the best education, develop well and meet their milestones. A good balanced diet, and a fortified milk like NESTLÉ NIDO 3+ is my investment into my child to avoid bigger challenges later in life.

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