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Financial podcasts to help you manage your money

Easy to listen to, perfect for on-the-go learning, and full of advice and conversations with top money experts, subscribing to one podcast or downloading them all may just be one of the smartest things you can do for your money. Here are some of our top picks.


Join the FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) movement with ChooseFI hosts Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett as they share various tactics they’ve experimented with in pursuit of financial independence, testing them and offering skills that will get you to that alluring goal. Tune in for insights into the diverse path to financial independence and wealth creation. From lowering grocery costs and educated investment planning to the best strategies for career hacking – no topic is too big or small.


Pat Flynn is a blogger, influencer, and experienced entrepreneur who knows the subject of earning an income online inside and out. He successfully built a blogging empire and he’s established himself as a go-to guru for passive income. His weekly podcast series offers an insider’s view of how to build a business and earn money online so you can leave the rat race behind for good. Whether you’re interested in making money as a blogger, creating passive income through affiliate marketing, improving your email marketing game, or becoming a money-making podcaster yourself, you’ll hear all about it on "Smart Passive Income."


With a balanced blend of humour and advice, Bad with Money with Gaby Dunn is not only informative but also highly entertaining. Unapologetically examining the intersection of finances and social justice, comedian and author Gaby Dunn turns a topic even notoriously as dry as money into an engaging and hilarious discussion arena. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with journalists, politicians and activists.


Whether you’re a newbie in need of sage investment tutelage or just trying to get a little more out of your portfolio, InvestED demystifies the investing process, revealing it’s all much simpler than the jargon makes it seem. Hedge fund manager and best-selling author Phil Town, and his daughter, Danielle Town, helm the podcast.


Trying to master personal finance while working towards a degree or navigating the job market can be challenging to say the least. You may be learning how to pay bills for the first time or getting introduced to credit and credit scores, without understanding how those things affect you financially. "The College Investor" podcast aims to make the financial part of the equation easier by addressing the issues that matter to students and recent grads the most: how to repay student loans, how to create the first budget, do’s and don’ts of landing the first job, and how to dip your toes into investing, among others. It’s a great podcast for younger adults who want to develop a firm money blueprint they can follow through their 20s and beyond, but older listeners can also learn a new financial trick or two


When it comes to money, women often face some unique financial challenges such as reduced time in the workforce due to caregiving of children or ageing parents, and the ever-infuriating gender pay gap. The Fairer Cents podcast hones in on those types of issues to cast a spotlight on how they can affect the financial wellbeing of women. Co-hosts Kara Perez and Tanja Hester deliver plenty of insightful discussions with a feminist take on finance that goes deeper than the standard money podcast fare.


Money and debt guru Dave Ramsey’s financial podcast takes all of his best lessons and combines them into easily digestible short sessions. If you’re facing repaying tons of student loans or are working on cutting down your debt, Ramsey focuses on tools and tricks that may work for you. The Dave Ramsay Show is great for those drowning in debt and struggling to eliminate destructive spending habits. With his popular advice as your guide, you may do the “debt-free scream” in no time.

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