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Meet the new BIC Soleil Squad

Picture: (L - R) Anarzade Omar, Khona Dunjwa and Mandisa Makunga
Picture: (L - R) Anarzade Omar, Khona Dunjwa and Mandisa Makunga

The BIC Soleil Squad has revealed the new inspirational ambassadors who will be empowering South African women, and youth, one campaign at a time.

In September 2020, BIC launched the BIC Soleil Squad movement in South Africa with the vision to empower South African women.

Soon after the BIC Soleil Squad started the ‘Shine, Your Way’ campaign which is all about promoting self-care and empowering women to have the confidence to shine in their own way.

The first BIC Soleil Squad ambassadors were Tumelo Matela, Sherri Andreas, and Amanda Nchukana who have spent the past year learning, growing, inspiring and empowering other women.

Now, BIC has revealed the three new ambassadors for 2021/2022 who will be continuing their work. The three new BIC Soleil Squad ambassadors are Mandisa Makunga, Khona Dunjwa and Anarzade Omar.

Picture: (L - R) Mandisa Makunga, Khona Dunjwa and Anarzade Omar

Get to know these incredible women below:

Anarzade Omar

Anarzade Omar is 23 years old, born and raised in Johannesburg South. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Marketing from the University of Johannesburg. Anarzade is passionate about content creation and cooking. She owns her own sushi restaurant. Anarzade describes herself as a ‘big city girl with big dreams’.

When asked about her ambitions and dreams, Anarzade said: “Wherever these dreams take me, my goal is to take as many people as I can to the top with me, and I’ll inspire and empower them to do the same!”

Khona Dunjwa

Khona Dunjwa was born and raised in a small village in the Eastern Cape in Zwartwater, Ladyfrere. The 23-year-old graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from Nelson Mandela University. Khona is currently an intern at a medical company. She is also philanthropist, and the founder of two businesses which include an online clothing store as well as a travel and adventure agency.

In her free time, Khona mentors young girls. Commenting on the occasion, Khona said: “When you know yourself and your identity you’re mostly likely to become your best and authentic self in everything that you do, to reach and live your life purposefully.”

Mandisa Makunga

Mandisa Makunga is a 34-year-old Internal Auditing graduate and Albinism Activist. Mandisa recently won the Ambassador title in the Miss Albinism South Africa pageant. She is a philanthropist and motivational speaker who is passionate about diversity and community service. Mandisa works with young school kids in her community to encourage them to reach their best potential and follow their dreams, against all odds. She currently works in the public sector as an admin clerk.

Commenting on her purpose, Mandisa said: “Believing in myself is my superpower. I want to live a life of service and impact so I can inspire young children and women to always believe in themselves.”

Marketing Director of BIC Southeast Central Africa, Lillian Henderson, shared that the BIC culture is centred around diversity, inclusion, integrity, and empowerment.

“The BIC Soleil Squad initiative is one that we pride ourselves with as it touches young women who will be the future of our country. Through the campaign, not only do we celebrate confident and inspirational women, but partner with prominent figures to empower the younger generation.”, Henderson added.

To learn more about the BIC Soleil Squad initiative and ‘Shine, Your Way’ campaign, visit and follow BIC Soleil on Facebook or Instagram. Join the conversation using #ShineYourWay.

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