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Queen B’s songs can make you run faster than any other musician

Beyoncé’s songs can make you run faster than any other musician, according to a new study.

The study by sportswear, clothing, and lingerie retailer Pour Moi, said your running workout could be over half a minute quicker per kilometre when listening to Queen B, making her the artist who can make you run the fastest.

This means you could run a 5k route 2 minutes and 45 seconds faster than usual, which equates to shaving 23 minutes off a marathon.

The research further said, ex-One Direction member Harry Styles, come second on the list.

His songs were found to improve running time by nearly 9%, taking over two and a half minutes off the average 5k run.

Britney Spears (aka the Princess of Pop) is in third place thanks to her iconic tunes like ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ reducing running time by almost 8%.

Taking 28 seconds off the runner's average time - which means running a 5k 2 minutes and 20 seconds faster.

Surprisingly, superstar Adele, also featured in the top five. The study said her songs can take 13 minutes and 18 seconds off a marathon, and Taylor Swift whose country music can make you run 16 seconds faster, equating to saving 1 minute 22 on a 5k jog.

Top 10 artists that can make you run faster:

The study also identified which artists could potentially slow someone down whilst on a run.

Drake tops the list as the artist who has the most adverse effect on running speed. Participants recorded a 6% increase in their running time when jogging along to the chilled-out tunes of the Canadian hip-hop artist, which is 54 seconds longer per kilometre than the runners listening to Beyoncé.

This means Drake could add almost 15 minutes (14:42) to your marathon running time.

The artists that can make you run slower:

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