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Women in Charge: Gina Jeanz shares the musical influences that shaped her upbringing and career success

Gina Jeanz is a artistic force. The DJ and music producer has been creating and mixing beats for over a decade - but her musical exploration began much earlier than that.

Born and raised in Namibia, she discovered her musical ability as a child with the violin, and was fortunate to live in a household that nurtured and sparked her curiosity with sound.

When asked about a core influence that shaped the women she is today, she counts music as a fundamental component. It is the one thing that permeates all her childhood memories and influenced her career trajectory.

“There are so many core memories that have shaped the woman I am today, and I think it would be fitting to discuss the musical influences,” she says.

My late mother loved music; it was always around us. My upbringing in Namibia before moving to SA in my late teens was backed by some of the best Kwaito music and many other Southern African artists. I always think back to our road trips and how my mom would have a Brenda Fassie CD on repeat and by the end of the trip we’d know lyrics to the entire album front to back.

Even as a young girl, I knew that music was something I wanted to pursue and I’m grateful that my mom introduced us to icons like Brenda Fassie, Boomshaka, Miriam Makeba and the list goes on.

I believe it was important to see black women unapologetically own their craft, especially in times when there was little representation. It allowed me to dream, and in many ways, forge my path because I could see it was possible. Every so often I get nostalgic and play some of the classic records which take me back to our family’s get-togethers. Those were the fondest memories of my childhood.”

Currently, she has three EP’s under her belt, and continues to bag high profile gigs at some of the biggest music events across the globe. She recently relocated to Switzerland to conqure the European music scene and is booked to play at the upcoming to Rocking the Daisies festival in Cape Town as well as the legendary Rhythm City in London next month.

Through her growth as an artists and rising success, Gina has always remained to true to her core purpose: Evoking emotion through her music and uplifting and empowering women in the industry.

For us, she is not only a woman to watch but a woman in charge, taking ownership of her destiny and making some of her wildest dreams come true - through sheer determination, talent, authenticity, and heart.

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