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GLAMOUR Recommends: Sip the Spirit of SA with Two In A Bush!

Made from organic rooibos tea, pure spring water, and natural fruit juice concentrate, Two In A Bush cordials offer a unique and health-conscious beverage choice for individuals and families. With a dedication to quality and wellness, Two In A Bush cordials are endorsed by Diabetes SA and the GI Foundation as a low GI drink, making them a preferred choice for those seeking healthier refreshments.

In a world filled with pretty much endless beverage options, Two In A Bush emerges as a beacon of South African pride and a health-conscious delight. This remarkable brand is the brainchild of two passionate South African friends, a creation born from their dedication to crafting a beverage that not only quenches thirst but also nourishes the soul. Picture this: The year is 2020, the world grapples with lockdowns, and in the heart of the fertile Franschhoek valley, a humble farm kitchen becomes the epicenter of creativity… It's here that the first bottle of Two In A Bush Rooibos Cordial was crafted, with a singular vision in mind - to perfect a healthy cordial recipe to share with loved ones. As the world slowly reopened its doors, this quintessential South African drink became a symbol of life and friendship.

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Celebrating South African heritage

Two In A Bush cordials are a testament to the rich South African heritage, meticulously crafted from organic rooibos tea, pure spring water, and natural fruit juice concentrate. Simple and pure, they carry the essence of South Africa in every drop, without artificial additives. With flavours that range from the pure essence of rooibos to the vibrant notes of peach, raspberry, tropical fruits, and more, Two In A Bush cordials invite you on a journey through the diverse landscapes of South Africa.

Setting the Scene for Well-being

But it's not just the flavours that set Two In A Bush apart; it's the dedication to health and well-being that defines this brand. Rooibos, the heart of these cordials, is not only naturally caffeine-free but also packs a punch of antioxidants and essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc. In a world where health-conscious choices are paramount, Two In A Bush cordials stand as a beacon of nutritious refreshment. For those seeking healthier alternatives, Two In A Bush is a blessing. Endorsed by Diabetes SA as an "often food" and recommended by the GI Foundation as a low GI drink, it's a choice that not only satisfies your taste buds but also cares for your well-being. In a country where one in four people is affected by diabetes, this endorsement speaks volumes. What's more, with just 36 calories per 250ml portion, Two In A Bush offers an economical and versatile choice for the entire family. One bottle can yield an astonishing 3.5 litres, making it a practical and delightful addition to your home, workplace, or any communal gathering.

Endlessly Adaptable to Every Occasion

But the uniqueness of Two In A Bush doesn't stop there. It's a first-of-its-kind cordial, a revelation waiting to be explored. Many may not realise that this is not just a drink but a versatile companion, perfect when diluted with sparkling water, still water, or as a mixer for mocktails and cocktails. Its adaptability knows no bounds, making it suitable for everyone - from pregnant women to babies and toddlers. With the resurgence of soda machines like Sodastream, Two In A Bush emerges as the natural, preservative-free cordial to elevate your soda experience. Rooibos, with its hydrating qualities and numerous health benefits, becomes the perfect quencher in a world saturated with dehydrating caffeinated energy drinks. And let's not forget the rising trend of mixing your own cocktails at home. Two In A Bush is your partner in concocting the most delightful beverages. Whether you're a fan of G&Ts, rum, brandy, or vodka cocktails, this cordial is the healthy alternative you've been waiting for.

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