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GLAMOUR Women in Charge: Meet Tammy Holmes

Tammy Holmes is a renowned designer, decorator and renovator at Ivy Decor & Design. She says she’s luck to be able to transform, redesign and decorate homes and spaces to bring out the very best in them for the people who live there.

Glamour: Please share one awesome fact about your vocation?

Tammy Holmes: I design for a home to feel both stylish and welcoming with pops of colour, layered textures and special finds unique to each client. The most special part of my job is the absolute enjoyment and pride my clients experience when I reveal their home to them…it’s something very magical!

Glamour: What makes you proud of being a woman and why?

TH: The mere fact that we can be both sensitive to someone’s feelings while also being logical when a difficult situation presents itself is amazing to me. It’s like we got the best of both brains! I am also constantly reminded at how capable and multi-disciplined women are. We run homes, business and our little people’s lives, (mostly) looking good while doing it all!

Glamour: Please share your words to live by?

TH: Do your best and the rest will follow!

Glamour: What’s the one unique lesson you’ve learnt on the job?

TH: To delegate! Often, we want to do everything ourselves, but that’s simply not possible. Curate your team so they can execute your vision within their respective fields - panelling may look simple, it’s not!

Glamour: If you could have a conversation with your 16 year old self, what would you tell her?

TH: I would tell her that it’s ok not to know everything. Ask questions. Learn from those who know more than you. It’s not a weakness, it’s strength.

Glamour: What inspires you?

TH: Nature and thrifting! How different are they, but both of them tell unique and interesting stories. They provide different angles, colours and textures - all of which inspires me to live out my best intentional design life.

Glamour: Why is it important that we celebrate women and days like International Women’s Day?

TH: Women are the backbone of our communities - the compassion, heart and softness. The older I get the more respect and admiration I have for just how much women do.

Glamour: What do you know for sure?

TH: Everything works out exactly as it’s meant to, to teach and shape us into who we’re meant to be.

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