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Here’s to making #MemoriesYouRemember this Summer

As South Africans welcome the vibrant embrace of summer, a season synonymous with outdoor living, there's no better way to embrace the moment than by savouring the exquisite offerings of Absolute Zero and Almost Zero.

This summer, we invite you to embark on a journey of taste and discovery with our de-alcoholised and alcohol-free ranges, celebrating both the arrival of summer and the choice to savour life's moments with clarity and vitality.

Going alcohol-free, even temporarily, has countless perks. First, your bank account benefits from not splurging on expensive alcoholic drinks. Second, you'll notice increased energy levels and better sleep quality. Your skin might thank you with a healthier glow, and your liver gets a breather. Plus, mornings become clearer without alcohol-induced fog. These are some of the positive aspects of an alcohol-free break worth considering.

Why Almost Zero & Absolute Zero Should Be Your #SoberSummer Go-To

Van Loveren, the South African winery renowned for its commitment to quality, presents two exceptional ranges of de-alcoholised and alcohol-free wines that will redefine your perception of alcohol-free beverages.

Almost Zero: Where Taste Meets Virtue

Almost Zero is your gateway to indulgence without compromise. With just 0.4% alcohol, this range offers the true essence of wine without the after-effects. Delight in a symphony of flavours with three distinct varieties:

Wonderful White: A delightful backdrop of Sauvignon Blanc grapes await you. Its tantalising aromas of delicate apple, citrus and tropical fruit flavours will transport your senses.

Radiant Red: This delicate de-alcoholised red is carefully wrought from 100% Merlot - a smooth sipper with juicy mulberry flavours.

Ravishing Rosé: Crafted from Red Muscadel grapes, this rosé wine boasts enchanting aromas of strawberry and rose petal, perfect for those who love a touch of sweetness.

Absolute Zero: Sparkling Elegance, Zero Alcohol

For a touch of sparkle and sophistication, Van Loveren presents the award-winning Absolute Zero range. These premium de-alcoholised sparkling wines are designed to add a touch of sophistication without compromise.

Absolute Zero Dry: A 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine that dazzles with crisp, tropical flavours, offering a refreshing twist to your celebrations.

Absolute Zero Nectar: This Sauvignon Blanc sparkling wine boasts sweeter, honeyed flavours, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a touch of sweetness in their life.

The Magic Behind the Taste

What sets Van Loveren's Almost Zero and Absolute Zero apart is the modern de-alcoholising methods used to remove the alcohol without compromising its compelling flavours. These wines are not only delectable but also low in calories and vegan friendly.

Your Perfect Companion for Clean Living

Whether you're dedicated to Sober October, anticipating a new addition to the family, or simply want to savour the joy of good wine without the alcohol, Van Loveren Almost Zero and Absolute Zero wines are your ideal companions. They provide a delicious and health-conscious alternative for those who appreciate the finer things in life without the accompanying buzz.

Raise your glass to the advantages of a sober interlude, and making #MemoriesYouRemember 🥂

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