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How-to self check your breasts in two easy steps using this simple guide

Feel them. No really... Feel them. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know you can check your breasts in two easy steps, using this simple guide from the PinkDrive, and that early detection will help prolong your life?


Stand in front of a mirror and look carefully for changes to your breasts, such as shape, size or discharge.

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Raise your left arm. With the flat part of the fingers on your right hand, carefully examine your left breast. In a circular pattern, starting from the outer, top part of your breast, press firmly enough to feel the tissue beneath. Then, move your fingers up and down from under the breast to the collarbone area, to and from the nipple, top and bottom and then again from side to side. Check the area around the breast, especially the armpits, for thickening, changes in size, lumps or hard knots. Repeat on your right breast using your left hand.

IMAGE: Gallo/Getty


According to CANSA, 1.7 million women worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year, of which breast cancer is the most common.

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