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Let’s get naked over coffee

Yup! you read that right. There’s a cozy spot for coffee lovers to expresso their love for java. Inspired by international travels, a passion for artisanal coffee and a love for fresh, seasonal food - Naked brings new meaning to the café lifestyle.

If you’ve never associated the word naked with coffee beans you’re probably wondering how we got here. No, you didn’t miss the memo, in fact, you’re right on time for a quick 101, let’s fill you up, I mean, in.

So…after weeks of brainstorming and hundreds of suggestions founder, Victor Barbosa and his business partner were presented with a branding proposal from a bespoke agency. They were assisting them to connect their clothing business to this new coffee concept that they had envisioned. The word “naked” was repeated in parts of the proposal, which struck out, as it represented the rawness and beauty of what the co- founders were setting out to achieve.

Their vision was to strip bare and focus on the beauty of coffee and producing the perfect cup. A couple of weeks later they started a barista training course where they discovered that using “naked Porter filters” was a method of extraction used by select third-wave coffee shops. That’s when it clicked.

They had found the perfect name! Their sleek, stylish settings, seasonal menus & unwavering commitment to customer experience, are what sets them apart from the competition. “Quality obsessed, service- driven, passionate about execution. Our vision from the outset was to provide a specialized coffee experience in more commercial locations and to create beautiful spaces to bring people together. We are quality-obsessed and focus much of our attention on the finer details - from teaspoons to packaging, to the sourcing of all our ingredients.” Says Victor Barbosa.

With coffee being at the forefront of Naked’s purpose, their beans are sourced from certified international channels and pass through rigorous quality tests. Their Arabica coffees are grown at high altitudes, using sustainable farming methods, with green practices emphasized in every step of their supply chain.

Their small-batch, artisanal approach guarantees every attention to detail and showcases their unique depth and complexity of flavour. The food menu is changed seasonally and is carefully curated, with dishes that reflect global food trends, be it a style, seasonal produce or a way of eating, with dishes that are approachable and showcase that signature Naked twist.

With over four stores situated in two of South Africa’s major cities, as well as two carts located in Kramerville, Naked Coffee co-founders have considered a potential number of locations for expansion in both South Africa and abroad, with Europe or the Middle East among the options. Follow @nakedcoffee_ on the socials to locate a Naked near you, who knows? One cuppa could lead to another, and before you know it…

Just kidding!

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