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Get uplifted and inspired By Xavier

Returning to his biggest passion, music; sought-after photographer By Xavier is making the most of life as he navigates lockdown with positivity that will uplift and inspire you.

We’re loving your new single that dropped today, “Beat Is Strong”. Can you share more about this single and where your headspace is at with music?

Thank you! “Beat Is Strong” is a song about working hard for what you want to achieve and making your hard-earned dreams a reality. I feel radio is filled with so many irrelevant messages, and we need to have songs that uplift and inspire us. I remember a time when song lyrics were important, when songs touched us and motivated us to go out and seek our destinies. I want to make music that gives us back that feeling, because human upliftment is not a trend, but a necessity.

Lockdown has been a very trying time for people, but it also seems to have sparked a lot of rebirths and creativity. How did lockdown propel you back to music?

I think in years to come, many people will look back at 2020 as a very important milestone: a year of tempest, but also opportunity. In times of crisis, one has to seek the positive. Many successful people earned their breaks during times of hardship. So when lockdown killed my photography business and the world ran back to their homes, I needed to keep my mind productive and winning, so I decided to return to one of my biggest passions: music. So instead of complaining about the world, I decided to milk my creativity and start writing music again. I invested some money into my career and because we live in a global economy, I began collaborating with artists from around the world in the same boat as me; and when you join people who want to create something special out of a desperate situation, magic happens. After meeting the right contacts at the right time, I got signed by one of the most influential electronic music labels in the world, and the rest is history.

You have quite an impressive resume and have excelled across a myriad of fields. Would you say that music is your first love?


’ve been lucky to have been able to always follow my passion without fear. I think fear kills creativity, and fear of failure kills your dreams. It’s easy to master any activity if you solely focus on a task with discipline and passion. I live like I have two days left, so when you look at life that way, you want to do as much as you can in a limited time… and life is a heck more fun that way too!

Music was always my first love. And even though I’ve fallen in love so many times with so many other pursuits, your first love is often the most unforgettable.

You’ve just bagged an international record deal with Tiësto’s record label, “Black Hole Recordings”, can we expect any international collaborations or touring from you?

This has been a dream come true. I guess things happen when they’re meant to happen, but perseverance and a ton of hard work do play in your favour as well. I’ve already started doing collabs with incredibly talented artists from across the globe, but it is still early days… however, being signed to such a prestigious record label does open up more opportunities. The world is so connected, that one can create global opportunities from the comfort of their home. As soon as the borders open, I will look at working more closely in Europe and putting together with my management, a touring schedule to get my music to a global audience.

As we’re approaching Lockdown Level 1, what are you looking forward to the most?

Definitely more hugs and memories with friends. Nothing can replace human touch. But also the feeling of freedom that we’ve lost since lockdown: the ability to move freely and without borders.

What’s next for Xavier?

Please keep tuned for a ton of great music coming your way! I’ve been spending my days songwriting and producing great content, that is, music with meaning. It will make you tap your feet but it will also uplift your soul. We all need music through the fog we are currently navigating in. Music is that compass. Music will guide us to safer shores. When we look back at this year in the future, music will remind us how strong we were and how it made us into who we are. Isn’t that just amazing?

Quick-fire questions:

Your favourite country to visit?


Your favourite food?


5 items every man should have in his closet?

A good watch. A tailored suit. A classic eau de cologne. A pair of stylish leather shoes. A black leather jacket. And a good attitude.

Your favourite scent on a woman?

Perfumes react different on women, so what works with one won’t work on another. But I love whatever By Kilian makes (he’s a genius!) and I love the Maison Francis Kurkdjian (like Baccarat Rouge).

3 things you can’t live without

Traveling, my friends and family and a good glass of wine over an unforgettable meal.

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