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Man Candy: Wiseman Zither

If you have watched SABC 2 lately you would know that there is a new hottie in town, Wiseman Zither, the lead actor in Giyani Land of Blood, we caught up with our newest MCE to get to know him better. 

What would you say is your best attribute and why?

I would say I blend easily with people and it works for my advantage more especially in this industry (acting and modeling ) iam just a down to earth person.

Who or  what inspires you ?

So I draw my inspiration from hardworking young individuals, who work hard to be successful in this industry. As a result I  spend most of my time researching about the industry I’m in and how to stand out from others , I believe that success comes from hardworking. 

What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Something well thought and should come from the heart. 

Whats your favorite drink?

Good red wine. 

What fills your spot at the top of your dream destination?

New York , for holiday and i would like to visit the New York film academy 

Do you have any regrets when it comes to past relationships?

No , I take every encounter as an experience, and it’s part of growing up , I mean we learn and we grow

Funniest dm you’ve ever received?

People asking me to get them a role at Giyani. 

Is Giyani the first role you’ve had and how is the experience so far?

Yes it is , I graduated last year may . I was really fortunate to land a  lead role. The experience has been amazing and Iam learning a lot and I’ve grown as an actor, Iam just grateful to be working with people I’ve looked up to as a child.

Whats your dream for yourself?

Short term

I wanna grow as an actor. 

Long term 

I wanna go international, I would like to do movies.

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