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Simple things you can do for Earth Day to really make a difference

Once a year, on 22nd April, Earth Day reminds us how important it is to show our planet a little bit of love.

Some go public, banding together to sign petitions, clean up streets and raise awareness of global damage. Others opt for solo solutions, making their own eco effort to cut back on single-use plastics, step up their recycling game and switch to sustainable whenever possible. But is there more we could be doing?

"The main reason we cause the earth damage is because we're used to convenience and what we do habitually", Daisy Payne tells us. In fact, it was self reflection of her own lifestyle choices that encouraged Daisy to give up her marketing job in beauty for a kinder career fighting climate change. Unfortunately, we're not all as willing to trade in the packaging (and payslips) for a sense of purpose, but that's ok. To make a difference, Daisy says our efforts simply need to span beyond one day a year. 'Rather than doing something just for Earth Day, make a pledge to start a new habit' she advises.

Ready to get going? Here are our seven sustainable habits you can start in light of World Earth Day, no qualifications needed.

Plant over animal produce

Whether it's the food you're eating or the lipstick you're using, opting for plant-based options will help reduce your carbon footprint, and help to prevent animal cruelty in general. For makeup and skincare, look out for lanolin, glycerine, squalene and shellac. Vegan substitutes with the same name may be used, but these particular ingredients are usually derived from animals.

Shorter showers

We all know our water consumption needs a bit of work, but one quick and easy way to lower yours is to avoid baths and take shorter showers. If you reserve water for wetting and rinsing - turning off the tap for the lathering step - you could save gallons each day. Your water bill should benefit from the cutdown too.

Don't fund fossil fuels

If you're lucky enough to have money in the bank, or a pension, be aware of how your pennies are being used. A bit of research may reveal that your hard earned pennies are being invested into fossil fuels, without you knowing. If this is the case, move your money, and be sure to let the bank know why before you do.

Ditch plastic products

With more and more options for plastic-free alternatives becoming available, there's no excuse to reach for packaging that harms the planet. Aluminium alternatives used by brands such as We are Paradox is a great sustainable switch, while solid options of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and even serum, cut out the need for packaging altogether.

Reduce first, reuse, and then recycle

Did you know that only a third of UK recycling actually gets recycled? The rest ends up in landfill, making our reliance on recycling problematic to say the least. By switching your mindset to avoid packaging in the first place, reusing it when you can and then recycling as a last resort, we can get on top of the situation.

Slow consumption

The fashion and beauty industries churn out billions of products each day, and greenhouse gas emissions come as part of the package. If we buy less, choose quality items, and make them last, we can help to slow the damage that comes with spending.

Follow wisely

Our habits are shaped by those who influence us, and social media plays a big part in that. By following sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly Instagram accounts, you'll find yourself unconsciously inspired to make better choices. We love Kathleen Elie from @consciousnchic, Jasmine Hemsley (@jasminehemsley) Emma Slade-Edmondson (@emsladeedmondson) and Amanda Jo from @organicbunny to name a few.

The original article can be found on Glamour UK.

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