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TRIED&TESTED: Glamour’s Features Editor is leaning into BUSH Wellness this Women’s Month

CBD is all the buzz so when BUSH Wellness challenged me to slather on some products from their self-care range, and go outdoors to connect with nature while locating the beauty within, I gladly accepted. It’s Women’s Month after all, so a pampering moment is welcome.

Known for its transformative properties, CBD, derived from the bountiful hemp plant, plays a central role in the formulations at BUSH Wellness. This naturally occurring phyto cannabinoid holds remarkable benefits for the skin, such as soothing and nourishing properties, reduction of inflammation, and the promotion of a youthful complexion. This pampering self-care range includes five meticulously formulated products: Body Butter, Body Scrub, Tissue Oil, Personal Lubricant, and a Lip Balm.

I tried the Body Butter, Tissue Oil and Lip Balm, and this was my experience:

Image: Supplied

The body butter kept my skin nourished while I braved the cold. I particularly love the rich creamy texture, and the distinct scent evokes sweet memories of being immersed in lush greenery. I’ve been using it for a week in conjunction with the tissue oil, and it feels like a hug from nature. The soothing CBD properties allowe me to relax and revel in the pampering experience. I can attest that each item has been carefully crafted to provide the utmost care and create a luxurious skincare routine that connects you to the healing essence of Mother Nature. And the lip balm? A kiss from the universe. The whole experience felt like a love letter to my skin.

Image: Supplied

It’s worth mentioning that BUSH Wellness also packed these amazing products from different local brands for the adventure. A thoughtful gesture that invited me to jump right in!

A Nicky Rowbotham Journal

Brought to you by legendary intentional-living thought leader Nicky Rowbotham, this journal is a steadfast companion designed as an inspirational tool to help you live a life filled with soul, flow, and grace. Put pen to paper and watch how your own thoughts help you to unleash untapped potential and live your best life. It’s time to cultivate momentum toward your dreams!

Ecoffee Cup

This pretty cup is a practical, cost-effective, and attractive alternative to non-recyclable takeaway cups. 100% plant-based + 100% eco-friendly + 100% beautiful, ECoffee Cups are safe to use with high heat. Reuse your ECoffee Cup© and help save our planet from ever-growing landfills - each time you choose to re-use (even if it's just once a week!) you will be helping in the fight against single-use waste.

Stay Golden Chai Spice Blend

This bold chai spice blend from Stay Golden can be used in lattes, smoothies, breakfast bowls, baked goods, and desserts. It is a delectable combination of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper. Full flavoured, spicy, and naturally caffeine-free, we love it in a steaming cup of nut milk, but you can enjoy it however you please!

Soaring Free CBD Chocolate

Soaring Free is on a mission to inspire you to live your healthiest life with the power of superfoods, potent proteins, and potent plants. Featuring 20mg CBD per chocolate slab (5mg per cube), this delightful treat synergistically enhances the effects of CBD in combination with antioxidant-rich chocolate, delivering calming, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, feel-good, and immune-supporting effects. Plus, you know - it's chocolate!

Whether you’re a homebody looking to invite the outdoors into your home, or more adventurous, and seeking an immersive experience in nature, these luxury products are exactly what the skin ordered. Designed to rejuvenate, and protect your precious skin. Visit for more info or join the online community @bushwellness

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