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Zoe Gray shimmers on stage as The Little Mermaid

Little ones can look forward to a magical underwater adventure these holidays as Canal Walk brings this age-old fairy tale to life. They’ll be mesmerised by the striking stage design, colourful costumes and captivating performances. We caught up with Zoe Gray who plays the character of The Little Mermaid amidst her busy rehearsal schedule.

“It was always a dream of mine to be a princess and a mermaid so this opportunity has made me very happy! I love that I get to be the princess that I used to look up to,” gushes Zoe. Opening up about the experience of working with founders of internationally recognized independent theater company, Abrahamse & Meyer Productions in bringing this beloved fairy tale to the Canal Walk Theatre stage, she says, “ Fred and Marcel have always a pleasure to work with. This is the 4th production I’ve done with them. It’s always interesting to see how they make different elements of theatre shine with each production. The costumes, make-up and puppets are the standout in The Little Mermaid - they really bring the story to life.”

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Glamour: The story of The Little Mermaid is a timeless classic. What do you think makes this tale so enduring and relatable to audiences of all ages?

Zoe: The story is essentially about sacrifice, which is something that everyone can relate to. It is a fun way to teach the youth and remind adults that you cannot get everything and not give back.

Glamour: What aspects of The Little Mermaid's character do you find most compelling or challenging to portray?

Zoe: The Little Mermaid is young and naive. This has proven to be compelling and challenging. It has been a challenge to reconnect with the part of me that was once young and naive. But it has also been a pleasure to go back and live in that time when liking a boy was my biggest worry.

Glamour: As an actress, how do you approach conveying the emotional journey of The Little Mermaid, from her yearning for adventure to her sacrifices for love?

Zoe: I feel an emotional connection to The Little Mermaid and have found it to be a very natural process. I too yearn for adventure and have had to make sacrifices for love. I think this is something that many people can relate to. It was great to be able to play into my own feelings.

Glamour: What message or themes do you hope audiences will take away from their experience watching The Little Mermaid?

Zoe: I’ve already mentioned sacrifice, but other than that, I hope that the audience will leave with the courage to dream big and go after what they want just as the Little Mermaid did.

Glamour: Transitioning from your role as Johanna Baker in Sweeney Todd to The Little Mermaid must have been quite different. How do you adapt to the unique demands of each character and production?

Zoe: I have been lucky enough to train at the Waterfront Theatre School where I have learned techniques that would take me essays to explain. To answer the question in short: hard work.

Glamour: With the increasing popularity of digital entertainment, what do you believe live theatre offers that cannot be replicated in other mediums?

Zoe: Live theatre is so magical and different to anything you will see digitally. It is art being made right in front of you. No performance is ever the same and the talent and skill it takes to be constantly in the moment is something that people will appreciate. There is no photoshop or green screen or auto tune - it is all raw and real.

Glamour: Finally, what excites you most about bringing The Little Mermaid to audiences this winter, and what do you hope they'll enjoy most about the production?

Zoe: I am excited to inspire the new generation. Whether that is to be a performer or support the arts as they grow up. I hope that they will leave with magic and wonder that will keep bringing them back to the theatre.

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