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5 Life-Changing Hacks Every Busy Mom Needs to Know

Every Busy Mom needs some hacks to make it (Pic:Pexels)

From beauty, cleaning and more. These are the life-changing hacks some of our GLAMOUR moms out there have shared with us. 

Embrace Your Natural Hair 

Pic: Pexels

Busy moms will tell you, sometimes you won’t have time for your hair. There isn’t always time in the morning to lay your edges. Solution to that? Embracing your natural hair. Whether you put it in a bum or you apply some conditioner and leave it loose. This hack will save you time, especially during those busy deadline months or weeks.

Say Yes, to head gear

Image: Instagram

Anything from wigs, doeks, hats or alicebends  are your friends as a busy mom. Use a wig or doek to give you a break from that hair salon appointment you don’t have time for yet. 

Use Time Saving Apps

Picture: UberEats and orderTalk. (Supplied).

From Uber Eats, OrderIn, SweepSouth Mr D all the way to Beauty On Tap, use apps that will help you free up your time so you spend it with your family. Yes, you love to cook, but if you don’t have time, Sis its okay to use Mr D for your family. No need to feel ashamed that you are not Superwoman. No one is. 

Have a cleaning schedule

Scheduling is important (Pexels)

So whether you have a helper or you do it on your own, create a schedule of how and when you will clean. If you do it on your own, get your partner involved in cleaning. That will save time on your side for the long list of things you still need to do. 

Get the right washing detergents for your clothes

Ariel Baby

We love the Ariel Family in terms of detergents. If you have a baby, Ariel Baby is perfect. Ariel Baby is the #1 detergent accredited by the skin health alliance. Ariel Baby is designed to preserve the gentle touch of clothes on delicate skin.

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