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GLAMOUR X SKIP Digital Storytelling Series: Fashion Director Tania Durand chats with Moagi Mengo, owner of ‘Mo Piercings’

The GLAMOUR X SKIP “Digital Storytelling Series” focuses on fashion, youth culture, and entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Here, GLAMOUR fashion director Tania Durand chats to Moagi Mengo, owner of Mo Piercings

Moagi Mengo is a piercing artist and owner of Mo Piercings based in Braamfontein and Pretoria, Johannesburg. Braamfontein is an electric fashion and culture hub with lots of thrifting and vintage options.

Mo Piercings is a space that specialises in piercings, tattoos, nails and thrifted fashion.

Moagi explains that thrifting differs from person to person. “For most people, thrifting is something that happens within their family where they get something from the grandmother or the grandfather or relative.

Moagi Mengo, Image: Supplied

To me, thrifting is the idea of being able to get a piece from the 80s, late 90s or 2000s and being able to resell that item to the next person at a low price.”

After moving from Kimberly as a student Moagi looked for cheaper ways to shop and started thrifting. Mo Piercings originated with the idea of giving his age group and peers an opportunity to thrift.

Today there is a huge market for thrifting and Mo Piercings offers good quality unique thrifted clothing at affordable prices.

Moagi loves thrifting because you can own a very unique item that no one else has and thrifting gives a unique sense of style. Opposed to the quality of mass production, thrifted clothes can be worn for years.

Garment care is very important with thrifting. To restore clothing Moagi repairs broken zippers or missing buttons with a local tailor before selling them in his store.

He explains that stains are sometimes difficult to get rid of because most of the clothing arrives from shipping containers.

Stains are a common problem with garment restoration but sometimes he sells the clothing to customers as is. According to Moagi stains add to the personality and uniqueness of thrifted clothing.

Moagi often comes across stained clothing and he says that washing the clothing is the most important part in restoring and preserving the garment to make sure the thrifted clothing is as good as new.

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Mo Piercings is located at 155 Smit Street, Braamfontein.

Watch the full interview with Moagi Mengo below.

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