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GLAMOUR X SKIP Digital Storytelling Series: In conversation with fashion designer Dinka

The GLAMOUR X SKIP “Digital Storytelling Series” focuses on fashion, youth culture, and entrepreneurship in South Africa. Here, GLAMOUR chats with fashion designer Dinka.

Fred Rich is a fashion brand founded by Dinka Friedrich that focuses on upcycling. The brand revolves around original, vegan and ethical designs that are handmade in Cape Town and has recently been PETA-approved.

“We try to make the most original designs out of whatever we have,'' she says. Friedrich goes to secondhand shops and charity shops to source clothing to upcycle, as well as receiving clothing from people who know about the Fred Rich brand. Dinka adds that she is from Germany and often returns to South Africa with lots of clothing to upcycle.

While studying in Germany, Friedrich interned at Redesign and “it was all recycled. We were working with curtains, we were working with jackets, bedding, anything you can imagine.” There she realised she could upcycle for other people, not just herself, and as a result, this is how Fred Rich started.

Friedrich says that there are too many existing clothes and textiles. “I think we should be more conscious about it because you could make the most amazing things from textiles around you.”

Cleaning the clothing and textiles is a big part of her upcycling process. Before she upcycles, she cleans everything properly and if there are small holes, they either patch it up, embellish it or use hand embroidery. Dinka says that you would never know afterwards.

“There is always a way of stitching things up in a cooler way than it was before,” she adds.

Fred Rich upcycled pieces are sold at We are EGG.

Watch the full interview with Dinka Friedrich below:

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