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Why Danish model Ulrikke Høyer embodies this magical fragrance

Like Gabby Westbrook and Lineisy Montero, Ulrikke Høyer had a blast filming the ad for ELIE SAAB’s latest perfume, Girl of Now Shine.


Not only did she love every second of the shoot, but we’re convinced that she’s the ultimate personification of the fragrance. You’ll realise why when you see what she said, about being a Girl of Now, below.

What being a Girl of Now means to her:

“The Girl of Now is a self-confident girl and she is not afraid of being different. Actually, she loves the diversity of people. She believes that she is able to do whatever she sets her mind to.”

Based on what her friends have to say about her, it’s obvious that Ulrikke pretty much  is the Girl of Now

How her friends describe her:

“Crazy (only meant in the best possible way), loyal and ambitious.”

As is evident in the trailer for the perfume, ELIE SAAB’s Girl of Now Shine is about sharing experiences with others, which is exactly what Ulrikke does when modelling…

Why she’s living the life of a Girl of Now:

“I feel very privileged to work as a model and be getting the opportunity to travel and see the world. I am grateful to also meet so many incredibly talented and inspiring people. It is amazing to deal with people who have a strong passion for what they do.”


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The outfits that she believes a Girl of Now would wear:

“With my interpretation, it could be whatever. It could be heels and red lips when going out at night or jeans and sneakers the next day. The smell (of ELIE SAAB’s Girl of Now Shine) doesn’t only go with one style or one kind of girl.”

Where she would wear ELIE SAAB’s Girl of Now Shine:

“I love the freshness in the fragrance. It’s light and can be worn for every occasion, whether you are at school, work or going to dinner with your friends at night.”

How she feels when wearing an ELIE SAAB dress:

“I have been very lucky to have worn ELIE SAAB dresses on many different occasions. Every time I feel very special, almost like a princess.”


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